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Unfortunately, I couldn't go even five episodes into that shit before the demons in my head started crying for blood to make the pain stop. I thought I could weather this shit a bit better.

As I mentioned, this is a reboot of a reboot. So not only was this comic always shitty, it was shitty before it even started! What was a TV Tome? It was like Wikipedia or TV Tropes before they existed: Christopher Niosi, better known by his handle of "kirbopher", was a member of this community, and used his Ditched machine newgrounds dating roleplaying in the site's forums as inspiration for TTAwhile tossing in edited sprites with limited animation his own avatar essentially being just an albino Sword Kirby.

Eventually, it was rebooted in the form of TOMEditching the "TV Tome" namesake since that site had vanished from the face of the net.

Gone were the shite sprite animations, replaced with crappy Flash animation. The one upside is that the character design of Kirb was no longer an unoriginal piece-of-shit Sadly, many pages have not been recovered at the time of this Ditched machine newgrounds dating May Ditched machine newgrounds dating, What I have is based on what I've scrounged from the Wayback Machine and could glean from the tumblr page's archive and its tiny preview pics.

The protagonist is a newb known by the handle of "Alpha". After logging in and jumping into a high-level PVP area like Ditched machine newgrounds dating idiot, he gets contacted by a mysterious voice, then ganked by some asshole named Kirbopher. Alpha respawns in a graveyard, where he meets a female player named Flamegirl, who enlists him into a group of anti-Kirb players, including an overly dramatic dragon-ish character named Nylocke.

The group soon find Kirb and his goons, some blue blob with a hat and sunglasses and a furry with bombs. They all go at it until Alpha gets blown the fuck up. Alpha then finds himself in some white void, where he finds the source of the weird voice from earlier: After telling Alpha about how Flamegirl and Nylock teased him, he decides he'll show them!

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He'll show them all! He accepts the blob's power and goes all evil and shit. The comic hasn't been updated since. The story of TOME continues on from there The thing to take home from this is that the story is highly derivative and unoriginal to Ditched machine newgrounds dating point of mental exhaustion.

There's no harm in taking inspiration from your favorite cartoons and video games when making a story, but when you rely so much on tropes and cliches when making your story The art is very simplistic. The character designs look like something out of an amateur's newspaper comic, and the backgrounds look like an afterthought.

Really, there's not much to say about the art other than it's This comic has a worse problem with typefacing than TV-Nihon fansubs: The typeface for the mysterious voice, in particular, is a chore to read.

It's a fucking mess. There's not much in the way of humor that I could glean from what I've found, since most of the comic pages are still lost to the aether Ditched machine newgrounds dating the preview pages on the archive are only legible to ants. The one instance I found was pretty forced, though: Nylocke going into a dramatic tangent and falling over mid-sentence.

Obviously, humor is not this author's forte. Tragically, Bryon "Ditched machine newgrounds dating" Beaubien featured on this site three timesman! Typically, when one is subjected to abuse, one of two outcomes lie ahead of them. One outcome is that, knowing the hell one suffers from when abused, they wish not to have that same mistreatment inflicted upon others.

They read up on abuse, the kinds of personalities that make for abusers, and reach out to other victims, forming a support network that strives to better their lives and to help others in similar situations. This was the path that was taken by another author featured here, TL Welker of Heartcore fame.

Liz took the other path, and became an abuser herself. One just as bad as Bryon, if not worse in some respects. The laundry list of shit this googolbitch has pulled are long and myriad.

They include, Ditched machine newgrounds dating are not limited to taking up shelter in a friend's house and making the lives of everyone in the house a living hell, and stalking and torturing another of Bryon's victims: Shannon, the year-old Bryon abused.

As for the asshole who originally created this shit: I wish I could say that, but I would be lying. Chris Niosi is a semi-professional voice actor whose voice has been featured in some anime and video games most non-union, since he is a notorious scab. Liz worked with him on TTA and TOME and touched his dick at one point, and the two have been dangerously co-dependent on one another ever since, even after breaking up. He also participated in bullying Shannon, at one point nearly convincing her to commit suicide.

If it was shit before, it'll still be shit when it's Ditched machine newgrounds dating. Thank god this webcomic is so short Someone either the creator or the hosting service pulled the plug on this webcomic. The links in this review are dead. If you want so see more of this webcomic for some insane reason, the Wayback Machine is your best bet.

And even that's a long shot. The creator of this webcomic is a giant douche, even by internet standards.

I'm the creator of this...

Their behavior may include, but is not limited to: May spew invective at critics and fans alike. Avoid real-life interaction as much as possible. Some time in End Date: A few short months later. A shitty reboot of a shitty reboot of a shitty animated webcomic Rating Summary Art: Formulaic Gary Stu protagonist and other cookie-cutter shitheads. The third time is NOT the charm. Reboots rarely ever work out, especially for shitty web series.

Couldn't have ended quickly enough. Retrieved from " http: Ditched machine newgrounds dating tools Create account Log in. Sort By: Date Score · Robert-multiplayer. September Ditched machine newgrounds dating, i am the King of Dawn of the Sniper i am a Headshot Machine:) But I'd rather the store be ditched, and have the survivors you save be scavengers that find the.

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Unfortunately, I couldn't go true level five episodes into that shit before the demons in my head started crying for blood to make the pain stay.

I thought I could weather this shit a bit better. As I mentioned, this is a reboot of a reboot. So not only was this comic always shitty, it was shitty once it even started! What was a TV Tome?

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Ditched Machine + Abandoned Machine COMBINED!

  • Sort By: Date Score · Robert-multiplayer. September 26, i am the King of Dawn...
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  • Sorcerers polka the polka by impromptu criticized ditching pages. dating pirate dance...
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TOME Respec

He accepts the blob's power and goes all evil and shit. The thing to take home from this is that the story is highly derivative and unoriginal to the point of mental exhaustion. What was a TV Tome? May spew invective at critics and fans alike. Alpha respawns in a graveyard, where he meets a female player named Flamegirl, who enlists him into a group of anti-Kirb players, including an overly dramatic dragon-ish character named Nylocke.

I thought I could weather this shit a bit better. Some time in End Date:

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Ditched machine newgrounds dating

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