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Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction


Reader comment on item: Islam and Quran is only a Concept. Submitted by Ibrahim Saudi ArabiaSep 13, at First of all youre giving reference only human right scriptures, for Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction information kaaaba build by ibrahim ale hissalam its not build 14 hundred years, if you are comparing zam zam water to ganga water are same they why the taste is different of both water.

Brahmins always criticize, condemn and mock other Religions, and they actually have Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction nerve to try to mock Al-Islam.

Their criticism and mocking is unreasonable and unacceptable. In his autobiography, Dr. Charles, an American scholar says that it is very simple to define a Hindu. He says a Hindu means "one who believes anything and everything if said in the name of God and shall never question its authenticity". The Brahmins claim that Lord Rama "Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction" incarnated came in human form to study and understand the difficulties of mankind.

Hanuman agreed to help Rama...

Is it really necessary for a god to incarnate Himself? Can He not understand His creation? Why should God become a donkey or a cockroach in order to understand the sufferings of these creatures?

Rama is the son of Dasharath, the king of Banaras. Dasharath had three wives, Kaushaliya, Kaikeyi and Smitra Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction several hundred concubines.

According to the Ramayana, Rama spent most of his life trying to save his wife Sita from the clutches of Ravan. At the same time Rama was enjoying life to the full at every opportunity. When "god" Rama was exiled to the forest together with his wife, Sukrievan appeared as a deer and fooled "god" Rama. Although Rama was a "god", he was not able to see through Sukrievan's disguise.

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To retrieve his wife from devil Ravan, 'god' Rama sought the help of Hanuman, a monkey 'god'. Hanuman agreed to help Rama bring his wife back on condition that Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction Rama in turn help him Hanuman to kill his twin brother prior to undertaking the mission. It took more than twelve years for Hanuman to build a bridge and accomplish the task, while Ravan just took Sita and flew to Sri Lanka in just one Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction time.

Where is the bridge that Rama built? Who is more powerful- 'God' Rama or devil Ravan? Would a 'god' seek the help of another 'god' to murder a third god? When "god" Rama was told to go to the forest, he mournfully revealed to his mother: Ayothia Kandam, 20, 26, 94th Chapters.

Sreenivasalyengar's translation of Valmiki Ramayana, it says: Ayodhya Kandam 8th Chapter, Page The term "Rama's wives"has been used in many placesin Ramayana. The reader should bear in mind that in Al-Islam, it is a very serious sin to disrespect one's parents. Rama disfigured and mutilated many women by cutting off their noses, breasts, ears, etc. Sambuka was slain by Rama because he was making penance which was forbidden to him by Vedas as he was a "Shudra".

Uttara Kandam, Chapter Looking at his hand Rama said the Sanskrit slogan "Oh right hand, you kill this Asche Shudra unhesitatingly as killing this Shudra is the only way to get back the life of the deceased "Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction" boy. This Rama, who mercilessly took away the life of Sambuka Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction no other fault than that of making penance is held as the Avatar incarnation of Vishnu!

Twelve Personalizing the Ramayan: Ramnamis...

If there were kings like Rama alive now alas! What would be the plight of those who are called "Shudras? How can a "god" die? Who will then look after the affairs of the world? Sita told Rama "You are no better than a womanmonger who lets his wife for hire and makes his livelihood.

You want to be profited by my prostitution". As soon as Sita stepped into Ravan's palace, her love towards Ravan grew more. Aranya Kandam, Chapter When Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction length Rama asked Sita to swear about her chastity, she declined Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction died. Uttar Kandam, Chapter Kukuvavathy, sister-in-law of Rama, said to him - "Oh Elder!

How you love Sita more than you love yourself! Come with me and see what really is in your lovely wife's heart. Still she could not forget that fellow Ravan. Drawing a picture of Ravan on a hand-fan and pressing it closely to her bosom.

She is lying on your bed Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction eyes closed thinking on and rejoicing at Ravan's glories.

Yet, others see a more...

Rama sighed and went out to Sita's house. There she was found sleeping pressing to her breast the hand-fan on which Ravan's picture was drawn. This is found in pagesof the Bengali Ramayana written by Mrs. Lord Krishna was very fond of looking at naked young girls. Once upon a time Krishna, in order to get a full view of some bathing virgin girls, went to the extent of hiding their clothes on the tree tops just to get a panaromic view.

Does behave divine immunity from looking at a naked woman? The Gita, a Holy Book of the Hindus, quotes that when these bathing low caste girls begged for the return of their clothes. Lord Krishna demanded that they come out of the water with their hands raised instead of covering their bodies.

Oh my innocent Hindu brethren! Can this action be attributed to a god? Is this god capable of indulging in such ungodly acts? Surely, if their deity is "divine," then it should be able to easily restrain its passions. The report said that various statements contained in Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction book aroused the ire of some Brahmins, particularly the author's observations on Rama and Dasharath's many wives and also Krishna's moral character.

According to Hinduism, god Shiva's head is the source of the river Ganges and his head is also the place where the moon is located. If this was really a fact then why should America send astronaut Neil Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunctionmiles away to the moon. According to Puranans, goddess Parvathi, wife of god Shiva, sought Shiva's permission to have a baby. When Shiva refused, Parvathi took dirt from her body and created Lord Ganesh. Periar used to call this god a "bundle of dirt".

Later God Shiva mistakenly chopped off his own son's head. How could a "god make such a foolish mistake? Would such a god solve your problems or make them more complicated? To rectify his error, Shiva severed the head of a baby elephant and transplanted it onto his son who then became known as the Elephant-headed god.

His statues are usually found near river-sides where he is said to be looking for a bride resembling his mother! There is a different version to this story which, for decency's sake, cannot be printed here. A recent report by United Press trust of India UPI stated that during the past three years more than 2, young boys and girls were sacrificed to goddess Kali in India. Another of AFP's recent reports say: In one case Rama Sewak hacked his eight year old son to death in broad daylight in Dehii because goddess Kali had told him he would come back to life and bring him good fortune.

Bloodthirsty Kali is worshipped openly the length and breadth of India. Kali's statue stands naked astride the inanimate body of the Hindu deity Shiva, tongue stuck out with blood dripping from fang-like teeth. She holds a noose, a skull-topped staff, a blood-encrusted sword and a severed head.

The priest of Delhi, Kali Bari, says that a child "Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction" to Kali ensures a man the birth of Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction son. Human sacrifices are also made to these gods or goddesses, either to appease them or to ask favours of them.

Bihar's police chief J. A famous human sacrifice occurred in when a powerful leader in Maharashtra state- in order to find a treasure - offered blood from I I virgin girls to Manja. He did not find the treasure, but four Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction were hanged for the crime and the main culprit escaped because of his political influence.

Some time ago, two brothers named Siddharth and Ravi asked their 21 year old sister Shobha to take a bath and come for prayers to a nearby temple in Kerala State. To her horror, the brothers pierced her with a sword and iron rods chanting mantras. Withering in pain, she begged for pity, but she was cut to pieces and her body Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction bit by bit.

The brothers had done it to unearth a hidden treasure. At first they tried to find another victim but when they failed to find another virgin girl, they sacrificed their own sister. Only Brahmin children are exempted by the Vedas from human sacrifice. Spiritual leaders, gave an interview to the Kalyan Hindu monthly magazine.

Extracts Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction given as follows:. Caste depends on birth, deeds cannot change it. On another occasion the Acharya said that there was no way out for a woman who becomes a widow other than to commit Sati. Instead of sending him to prison, according to the Indian constitution, this fanatic priest is often visited and worshipped Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction the Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction Brahmin leaders in India.

This he claims is what blissful heavenly life is. This article tells you about some of the shocking things about sex from Vedas. This also describes how our religious epics understood and practised sex in. Kaikeyi demanded the banishment of Rama so that Bharat could have cemented his position in Ayodhya.

You will be unable to function as a Captain. Why didn't Laxman's wife go with Laxman when they were going for 14 year vanvaas. But when Ram grew suspicious on Sita if she had sexual relations with Ravana. Yet, others see a more liberated Sita, a Ramayan bharath wife sexual dysfunction wife of Ram. In Ramayan, almost every great woman, after the initial calamity from outside or from within, did .

asked me why do so many NRI's teach their children Bharat Natyam? alcohol, smoking, teenage pregnancy, pre-marital sex, poor grades in school, divorce.

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