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Tantra became her path and way of life when, inshe started to remember the forgotten wisdom of the Kaula principles, based in Tantra methods. In herself, she explored and experienced the Tantra practices being revived from this precious heritage, and started to share them in under the name Tantra Experience.

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In — in order to share with mankind the rich dimension of daily-life practices she had discovered — Tantra massage nederland finally founded the Kaula Heart of All. There she offers a totally new dimension of Tantra, connected to the wisdom of ancient rituals, initiations, and methods from the Kaula Heart of All.

Her unique way of transmitting Tantra comprises a great deal of wildness, love, sharpness, and an unpredictable sense of humour which adds freshness to the intensive retreats she shares around the globe.

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One of her favorite quotes: She is the author Tantra massage nederland the books: After meeting Pema inhe decided to stay with her and make the Kaula his way of life. He took over the practical and legal aspects of the Kaula Heart of All by taking care of the administration and organisation of the retreats and travels, as well as other details needed for the Kaula to function well.

Inhe joined WildTantraas a co-teacher and administrator, where he combines practicality and spirituality in one. His presence is one of silence, simplicity, and clarity. This has unfolded in his life from early age, in the wild nature of the Pyrenees.

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Mountains, forests and rivers live within him, and he calls them his best teachers. What he says about himself and his work: There is no greater gift than surrender to love.

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