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The sexy blonde guard from oitnb tattoo

Sex photo The sexy blonde guard from oitnb tattoo.

The year-old actress showed off her more glamorous side on Instagram and it has caused disbelief among the show's devoted fan base. Curran appears as a perky blonde in her time off of the OITNB set and does not sport the facial star tattoos that her character has. Instead Francesca enjoys wearing makeup and false eyelashes that are a far cry from Helen's bare-faced prison regimen.

Curran appears as a perky...

She revealed in a Instagram post that she wears wigs now because she actually shaved her head for the part. She has said that she loves makeup and jewelry and finds it weird to be stripped of those things for her character.

Check out what the cast...

Her character is jokingly referred to as Britney Spears on steroids in the newly-released season five of the show. She added, 'So to really be stripped of all that The first time I was like, okay, wow. I found myself in the mirror and was like, this is a striking The daily head shaving and tattoo application to get into character takes time, she says.