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Increase breast sensitivity

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Breast soreness is very common. It affects most women at some time in their lives.

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The degree of soreness, and where and how it is felt, differs for each woman. It might be sharp, stabbing, dull, throbbing or aching. It might be felt in all or part of the breasts, one breast or both.

It can also affect the armpit area. For many women, the soreness is barely noticeable.

For others, the pain is so great that it affects their everyday lives. Usually the condition goes away in time.

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This is also referred to as cyclical mastalgia. This happens when the tissue in their breasts responds to hormones.

The most common hormonal breast soreness comes from an increase in the level of oestrogen before a period. This causes milk ducts and glands to swell, trapping fluid in the breasts. Many women have tenderness or pain in the lead-up to a period, and sometimes right through it.

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The hormones that cause breast soreness might also cause cyclical swelling or lumpiness. They can also affect the size, shape or sensitivity of cysts and fibroadenomas.

Increase breast sensitivity Hormonal breast soreness is normal, but it is not usually very severe. Pain that lasts more than Increase breast sensitivity week around the time of a period, or pain that stops a woman from everyday activities is not considered to be normal.

You should follow the recommendations for screening for breast cancer for women of your age and family history. Sometimes, even with all this information, it will still not be possible to tell you what is causing your pain. Everyone manages the impact of pain differently.

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The list Increase breast sensitivity contains tips that might help you to relieve breast soreness or discomfort. Most have not been scientifically proven; however, some women find them effective.

If you are taking prescription medicines, it is also worth discussing with your doctor whether any of these might be causing the soreness. All women need to be alert to any changes in their breasts that are not normal for them. If you Increase breast sensitivity any change in your breast that is different to your normal hormonal changes, you should have it checked by your General Practitioner GP.

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For many women, breast soreness is upsetting. It can bring up many different feelings and worries.

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Most of the time, women feel relieved to know that breast soreness is a common condition that is not harmful or dangerous. Sometimes, however, women feel anxiety or frustration. Some women find that breast soreness affects how they feel about themselves, their sexuality, relationships or work performance.

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Living with pain of any kind is difficult. If breast soreness is having a negative impact on your life or if you are still worried, it might help to share your feelings with supportive family members or friends.

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You are welcome to talk with a specialist or Breast Care Nurse at a Breast Clinic if you feel this would help to put your mind at rest. Talking with a counsellor might also help. Women are encouraged to discuss their health needs with a health practitioner. If you have concerns about Increase breast sensitivity health, you should seek advice from your health care provider or if you require urgent care you should go to Increase breast sensitivity nearest Emergency Dept.

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