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Right breast swollen and tender

Quality porn Right breast swollen and tender.

So your breasts are feeling kind of tender and they sort of hurt, is it a normal situation? We're going to talk about that next on The Scope. Questions every woman wonders about her health, body, and mind.

There are many reasons breasts...

This is "Am I Normal? Jones the situation is I'm not breastfeeding but my breasts are kind of tender.

They kind of hurt but they've been hurting from maybe two weeks now. There's not really any lump on it that I can feel and I know there's not a history of breast cancer in my family is this a normal situation?

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Okay that's a great question, but let's start with me asking you some questions. We're just going to pretend you're the patient. Okay, and when you say your breasts, you put that as more than one breast, so both sides are normal? Yeah the left sides kind of tender and I'm not really sure what's going on.

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I know I didn't hit it with anything. Okay, so it turns out that breast tenderness is common and it's often concerning because people think, "Is it a hormonal disorder? So first of all, when women complain of breast tenderness the first thing we're going to see if how old they are.

So new breast tenderness in a year-old is more concerning than breast tenderness in a year-old.

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