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Images from the Revue Photo Contest: Its blooms remind us of Cooperacion significado yahoo dating beauty of nature, the many scents and colors remind us of simple pleasures, and often they give Cooperacion significado yahoo dating a contrasting glimpse when we see garbage littering the landscape.

May is also Month of Museums in Guatemala. Its history dates back to the 18th century. This grand house was restored and revived down to the very last detail in the mids by Wilson Popenoe and his extraordinary wife Dorothy. See DateBook for details on tours. Art is also in full bloom this month. Dorothy Kethler introduces us to artist Nan Cuz and her journey to the uncharted depths of a soul.

Kerstin Sabene invites us on a delicious excursion with Antigua Foodie Tours.

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Cooperacion significado yahoo dating welcome your comments. REVUE is distributed free, and available at: They will accept almost anything, including plastic bottles, glass, cans and cardboard boxes of any size.

Heavy plastic items large and small are also welcome. What they cannot handle: And, please, no Styrofoam. But anything else is welcome! This business also buys picked-up recycling in bulk from locals who collect bottles, cans, etc. So you may see some money exchanging hands.

I myself prefer to donate, as I am guessing any payments based on weight would not be much in my case. Saying the unspeakable in museums. It also highlights how the acceptance of a contested history is the first step in envisioning a shared future under the banner of reconciliation. The Q48 per person admission is well worth a visit and allows for plenty of time to enjoy a very pleasant surprise. The first exhibits opened at the Colonial Museum in and other museums followed.

One is the baby Jesus sculpture photo, left center on the second floor of the Museo Colonial which received a 9 out of a 10 rating worldwide. It is made out of cedar, covered with a fine coat of plaster, special Cooperacion significado yahoo dating and varnish. The detail and glass eyes are exquisite and show how Guatemalan colonial sculpture—after —is the finest in Spanish America! While little has been written about Guatemalan colonial silver works, Guatemala also surpasses other Spanish American countries with some of the finest workmanship and design.

The Guatemalan Highlands near Quetzaltenango were also a center for silver artists who created chandeliers, lecterns, crowns for sculptures, monstrances and chalices to mention Cooperacion significado yahoo dating few items.

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The sculpture of St. Michael photo, left top inside the Silver Museum received a rating of 10 out of a 10 from Philippe Malgouyres on his visit to Guatemala! Originally collected by Mr. Edgar Cooperacion significado yahoo dating Sinibaldi and curated today by Susana Cooperacion significado yahoo dating, the comparison of ancient Guatemalan Maya artifacts with modern glass works from all over the world, including Baccarat, Daum, Lalique, Kosta Boda and Moser, is remarkable.

Focusing on design; color and form; human figure; urns, burials and faces; animals and jewelry, we see how similar art forms are observed. This is also one of the finest museums in Spanish America.

Visitors often ask me: The Ixchel is located on the campus of Universidad Francisco The Cooperacion significado yahoo dating tells the story of those magnificent textiles, the origins, the symbolism and the many techniques used to create them. Visitors leave our museum with a better understanding of the deeprooted Guatemalan textile tradition and a greater appreciation of the hands and customs behind the weaving.

A visit to the museum Six beautiful exhibition rooms reveal the story of Mayan textiles. Cooperacion significado yahoo dating first room presents information about what we know of pre-Columbian.

There are no surviving textiles, the information we have comes from pottery, figurines, codexes and Mayan ruins. We see modern pieces next to their representation and how little for example, the backstrap loom has changed. The techniques are very similar, so it really is a millennial tradition.

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We know what materials they used: And, of course, jade. We also learn that they only used natural dyes such as chochinile, indigo, campeche and purpura panza. Many of the motifs are still present in fabrics today and many pieces are Cooperacion significado yahoo dating or tied in the exact same way. Next, an arch-shaped door leads us to the colonial era with all the changes that came about.

Silk, tulle, Cooperacion significado yahoo dating and wool appear, as well as the more vibrant colors produced by chemical dyes. The Spaniards were a source Cooperacion significado yahoo dating only of materi. Other important technical changes took place as well. Weaving, which was an exclusively female task on a back-strap loom, became a male task on a treadle or foot loom, which relies on strength for speed. The spinning wheel also came into use.

A square-shaped door leads into the industrial era, showing the first textile factory in Guatemala: We are then presented Filled with lots "Cooperacion significado yahoo dating" exciting plays, great competition and sportsmanship on both sides, the game overwhelmed me so much that I became a fan of the Antigua team. I Cooperacion significado yahoo dating attending all the homes games and taking photos to share on Facebook and give the team more exposure and support.

Hopefully, more expats, foreigners and tourists will attend "Cooperacion significado yahoo dating" have as much fun as I did at my first game. She looks up as I approach and smiles, and I disappear into her eyes, those eyes that have seen miraculous worlds for 90 years and shared them with us.

Nan Cuz was born Jan. She lived with her mother and Nan was 7 years old. Although the agreement was that Nan would Cooperacion significado yahoo dating returned to her mother when she completed her schooling, World War II and its aftermath prevented this, and Nan was not to see her mother again for 32 years.

Is it Cooperacion significado yahoo dating wonder that this traumatic event is depicted multiple times in her so-called Madonna and Child paintings? Her father was a professional photographer and taught Nan the craft, but she soon moved on to painting.

In she met and married George Schaefer. They lived in a community on the way to Hamburg and people from all corners of the world passed. Nan was beginning to receive artistic recognition in Europe. The scenes and colors of her native land were deeply imbedded in her psyche and appeared to her in dreams and Cooperacion significado yahoo dating, which she expressed in her art.

Return of Qetzelcoatl, Her work presents us with many aspects of the everyday life of the Maya people, but also gives a strong sense of their spiritual life as well. Above all is the deep and eternal connection with the Earth, nature and all living beings. Despedida de un Moribundo, Landscapes, colors, people, animals and plants buried deep in that 7-year-old psyche emerge seemingly without effort as the past and present merge into a possible future when love of nature and humanity surfaces once again.

While the majority of the imagery resonates from the Mayan culture, others arise from Buddhist, Egyptian, Peruvian and other indigenous roots. This can be seen from a German newspaper photo fromtitled: The Return of Quetzalcoatl. It delivers world-class healthcare to impoverished, indigenous communities in Guatemala. An RSVP is required. See highlight on pg. Learn how to aid trauma victims, injuries, burns, or other health problems that require attention until paramedics take over.

This activity will allow an exchange of ideas and experiences in relation to this topic.

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Alianza Francesa de La Antigua tel: Cooperacion significado yahoo dating Auxilios for parents and caregivers about first aid for babies and children. Free event, donations to the school are Cooperacion significado yahoo dating appreciated. Please RSVP your attendance at info antiguagreenschool. Tickets Q50 pre-sale and Q70 day of the event.

Museo Popol Vuh tel: Behind the Walls with Elizabeth Bell. Hotel Sor Juana, 4a calle oriente 45, La Antigua. In order to help reduce their needs and to improve their quality of life, we partner with the local public schools by providing health and nutrition services as well as teacher training. All our programs are implemented with strategic and innovative methods bearing in mind the realities of the rural areas in which these schools operate.

Our national and international donors play an important role in helping us achieve our goals. Join us to learn more about our work and enjoy some Andean live music before the talk. Suggested donation Q25, all which goes directly to the NGO.

Must register before May Alianza Francesa de Guatemala, 5a callez. Meet in front of the Cafe Condesa, Central Park; return by 4: Casa Popenoe, 6a calle oriente 16, La Antigua.

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