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We were brought to the surface of Rattatak to look if the CIS controled the upper part of the south. But the question is, why? That seemed to be a problem, so Boombs, our technical specialist, tryed to modify out communication system to hide the communication block.

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Are we now totally cut off of the Boombs pic system? We thought about the worst things. Plapatine would tell us. But we were wrong. He just wanted to talk with us about our future in the republic army, since the th Corps was resolved. Additionally Palpatine told us how important we really are for the success of the grand army of the republic. So one of his Boombs pic requests is to Boombs pic our future.

The solution of a long talk is that we are no longer reliant to a special company like the th. Palpatine told us furthermore that our infantry will arrive soon. This will give us the possibility to fight parallel on two missions or battlefields. Even without Boombs pic presence. This was a huge step into more freedom. As a little present, the Chancellor has indemnified the whole Squad for a month.

So we can do whatever we want to. I personally decided to get back to Geonosis for a few days. I needed to get back to one special place.

The place where my best friend, my brother died a few years before in the huge battle of Geonosis. This was some kind of a last honor to him.

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I hope you like this part. Be prepared for Mission 15 next year, with great battle scenes, I promise. I had this feeling since we climbed up the hill.

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I think we should better watch out. The Major warned me often because of these Rebels. They would live like nomads out here. But now were in the base. I think I should Boombs pic the squad. We must save the Boombs pic.

After the th Corps was resolved, there was no clear future for the Xeta Squad. Not knowing what would happen next. We got an invitation for a Meeting on Coruscant today. It said we should come to Boombs pic little building complex and wait for a person who brings us to the Meeting. But a Meeting with who? We were brought to the piont by a pilot of our squad. Rambo, Racker and I, Rookie, were the first three who came to the rendez-vous point.

We arranged that we three precede ahead of the others.

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Here is the first part. Description at the main photo. Description is on the main pic.

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Description at the MAIN photo. And the others had to fight against these recalcitrant geonosians. Please view the main pic, too.

The story is posted there. After picking up the trooper called Ragoon, we have to walk to the Rendezvous-Point to meet the others. We are supposed to go under the surface of Bakura. Supposed Boombs pic search the Mining Droids in the underground system. We walked, walked, walked and walked for miles.

It was cold here. Suddenly we walked past a control panel. If it works, Boombs pic are hacked into the system of these underground tunnels.

Then we have acces of the map. Maybe we can see where the droids are. That would make Boombs pic much easier to find them in the cufusion of these tunnels. After a few minutes, Boombs got the acess to the system. We looked at the security cameras.

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In the commando room! And a few were patrolling in the tunnels not far away from us. I want to get away from that messy planet!

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