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The Test Acts were a series of English penal laws that served as a religious test for public office and imposed various civil disabilities on Roman Catholics and nonconformists.

The principle was that none but people taking communion in the established Church of England were eligible for public employment, and the severe penalties pronounced against recusantswhether Catholic or nonconformist, were affirmations of this principle. In practice nonconformists were often exempted from some of these laws through the regular passage of Acts of Indemnity.

After they were seldom enforced, Teste istoria romanilor online dating at Oxbridgewhere nonconformists and Catholics could not matriculate Oxford or graduate Cambridge.

The Conservative government repealed them in with little controversy. The Corporation Act of James I Teste istoria romanilor online dating that all such as were naturalized or restored in blood should receive the sacrament of the Lord's Supper.

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It was not, however, until the reign of Charles II that actually receiving communion in the Church of England was made a precondition for holding public office. The earliest imposition of this test was by the Corporation Act "Teste istoria romanilor online dating" requiring that, besides taking the Oath of Supremacyall members of corporations Teste istoria romanilor online dating, within one year after election, to receive the sacrament of the Lord's Supper according to the rites of the Church of England.

This act was followed by the Test Act of [1] 25 Car. This act enforced upon all persons filling any office, civil or military, the obligation of taking the oaths of supremacy and allegiance and subscribing to a declaration against transubstantiation and also of receiving the sacrament within three months after admittance to office. The oath for the Test Act of was:.

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I, Ndo declare that I do believe that there is not any transubstantiation in the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, or in the elements of the bread and wine Teste istoria romanilor online dating, at or after the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever.

The act was passed in the parliamentary session that began on 4 February ; the act is dated as in some accounts because the Julian calendar then in force held that the new year did not begin until Lady Day, or 25 March. The correct date using the modern Gregorian calendar is Initially, the Act did not extend to peers ; but in the Act was extended by a further Act 30 Car. The Lords deeply resented this interference with their membership; they delayed passage of the Act as long as possible, and managed to greatly weaken it by including an exemption for the future James IIeffective head of the Catholic nobility, at whom it was largely aimed.

The necessity of receiving the sacrament as a qualification for office was repealed in and all Teste istoria romanilor online dating requiring the taking of oaths and declarations "Teste istoria romanilor online dating" transubstantiation were repealed by the Catholic Relief Act Sir Robert Peel took the lead for the government in the repeal and collaborated with Anglican Church leaders. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Test Act Parliament of England.

Sacramental Test Act An Act for preventing Dangers which may happen from Popish Recusants. An Act for the more effectuall preserving the Kings Person and Government by disableing Papists from sitting in either House of Parlyament.

Gaunt, "Peel's Other Repeal: Retrieved from " https: Legal history of England Acts of the Parliament of England concerning religion in law in law in law 17th century in England Christianity and law in the 17th century. Use dmy dates from November Views Read Edit View history.

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