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Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki


No recent wiki edits to this page. Junpei first appears in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3as he becomes the Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki character 's best friend throughout the events that unfold during the game. A class clown in school, his character is always associated with comic relief in the game, as he is also somewhat of a pervert and usually gets slapped by Yukari. He constantly plays video games and doesn't pay attention to his schoolwork.

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Junpei's Personae mirror his own abilities as they are focused on physical attacks. His initial Persona is Hermeswhich eventually evolves into Trismegistus. Both are of the Magician Arcana. Found crying in a convenience store during the Dark HourJunpei was extended an invitation from Akihiko to join the SEES group, which he immediately accepted. Junpei never really had a reason Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki fighting when he first joins SEES.

Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki thought defeating Shadows during the Dark Hour is just like some kind of game. He really wanted his friends to look up to him as the true leader, instead of Minato, but he later began to realize that he just isn't cut out for it.

He becomes jealous at the main character because of his unique Persona ability, the Wild Card. There were times where he questions his own purpose for fighting, and he found it when he met Chidori. They first meet when Junpei was observing her sketching by herself. At first she views him as weird and annoying, but Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki of Junpei's persistence to get to know her, they start talking.

But Junpei is completely unaware that she is a member of Strega. When Chidori ends up at the hospital after a full moon incident she still hated the rest of the SEES members, except Chidori. Junpei tries to talk to her.

Junpei is a comic relief...

At first, it does not go well, but his recent visits bring about a personality change within Chidori. She tells Junpei that she did not fear or care for anything until they both met. Eventually, they fall in love with each other as the story progresses. This also leads to Chidori questioning where her loyalties lie; to Takayaor Junpei. When Junpei tries to stop her, Strega shows up, and Takaya shoots Junpei. As Junpei is about to die, Chidori suprises everyone by bringing him back to life, as it it her persona's special ability.

Before she dies, she tells Junpei that she doesn't fear death anymore because she can live inside him, and be together forever this explains Trismegistus' special ability, Spring of Life.

This tragic event triggers a huge change in Junpei's character. After Chidori's tragic death, he loses his will to keep fighting. He questions his own purpose of fighting Shadows; why he wants to fight, and why he does not have a very good reason to do so. But seeing Chidori 's sketchbook, which contained detailed and well-done portraits of Junpei, he gains a great reason to keep fighting. Junpei also makes fast friends with Ryoji Mochizuki when he transfers to Gekkoukan High School later in the game.

But on an event on the Moonlight Bridge, it is revealed that Ryoji is the same being as Death. Only this time, Ryoji gained human qualities while living inside the main character, as he was sealed off by Aigis ten years when they first engaged in battle.

Junpei becomes frustrated that Ryoji's real purpose is to summon Nyx and bring about the Fall to the world. But Junpei later changes and decides to fight even though it would kill him. The SEES members are successful in defeating Nyx Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki, and move on with their normal lives after peace is restored. If the player says the right, encouraging words to Junpei, it will trigger a special event leading to her revival.

Although upon her recovery, her persona is no longer functioning, and she does not have any memories of anything that has happened. This includes the times "Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki" and her spent together.

But she wants to meet the man who is always in her dreams, and is determined to see him. It is not stated in FES if Junpei's and Chidori's story continue if the requirements for her revival are metbut it is up to the player Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki determine that. Junpei's Social Link is non-romantic, and he is not available to date during Christmas Eve or summer. Junpei's personality undergoes many changes.

Instead of fighting just for the thrill of it, he decided to fight for Chidori instead.

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This decision brings about his downfall, and his uprising. His personality changes from a laid-back person, to that of a determined young man, maturing as the story progresses. Junpei is the best character many people especially teenagers can relate to, because he was the only one who seemed like he didn't have a Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki secret or a horrible past. He started as an insecure class clown with low self-esteem. But as the story progresses, he becomes more mature, and finds a purpose to why he fights for those close to him.

Persona 3 Portable is a...

Chidori's death hits him hard, and he resolves to fight to always protect her. This awakens him to his new persona, Trismegistus. Junpei's attacks are mainly physical based.

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He can also cast some relatively weak fire magic making him an advantage as a physical attacker when you want him in your party. He can easily be knocked down by any Wind-type Garu attacks though, as it is his main weakness.

As they traverse deeper into the Abyss of Timethe mystery behind it and also the reason why they're stuck within the dorm gets clearer. He is not bothered with the thought of fighting shadows again, unlike Yukari. Upon accessing a particular door, Junpei's past is revealed. The game flashes back to the point when he awakens his to his Persona for the first time, when Akihiko finds him crying in the convenience store. It is revealed that his Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki is an alcoholic and Junpei does not want to become a failure like him.

It is also during this flashback that he meets Koromaru for the first time. Junpei is a playable character in the upcoming Persona "Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki" Arena: A new addition to "Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki" roster alongside Yukari, he fights using a baseball bat as a weapon and Trismegistus as his Persona. Junpei appears to have followed through on his desire to become a baseball player, as he is dressed in a baseball uniform.

Baseball is also reflected in his gameplay through a special gauge in the UI that depicts a baseball diamond. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn points all your submissions need to Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Voices Trismegistus, Junpei's evolved Persona. Story Junpei makes friends with the main character at the beginning, and Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki throughout the game.

Meeting Chidori for the first time. Junpei's character is easiest to understand and the reason the player buys into much of the story. Character Junpei's personality undergoes many changes. Having Junpei in the party can be an advantage because of his strong physical attacks. Climax Junpei is a playable character in the upcoming Persona 4 Arena: Tweet Remove Format Clean.

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Junpei is a comic relief character from Persona 3 and its remakes. In the female protagonist's side of Persona 3 Portable, Junpei takes the place of Kenji. For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, Android · 3DS · DS · iOS · PC · PlayStation 3 · PlayStation 4 · PSP ONLY want to know the dates and the wiki and "Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki" forums had nothing.

I'm at the point where Yukari and Junpei, two of my main guys, are about to run out of skills to learn. Adorkable: The Star Social Link in the P3P release shows Akihiko is pretty much this.

On October the 4th, the date itself briefly becomes Arc Words.

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Boards Shin Megami Tensei: Front 3 Portable Mshe's love interests spoilers.

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[HD] [PSP] Persona 3 Portable [Female] - Theodore's Date - Part 1

Shin Megami Tensei:...

Retrieved February 5, January 8 You'll be quizzed. If a social link does indeed become reversed, then you need to talk to that person and select the right answer from a selection of choices that appears to reestablish that relationship. Retrieved October 4, Mudo attacks, Hama attacks, -Dyne skills, he can pretty much use any elemental skill in the game here.

Keep in mind of two things though: Mizutama Mizutama 9 years ago 3 Haha, I think i messed up Akihiko's s-link too, but

Dating akihiko persona 3 portable wiki

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Persona 3 Portable - All Endings [Fe MC]

Identity 3 [5] is a role-playing video event developed through Atlus Illicit, and chronologically the fourth installment in the Guise series, a subseries of the Megami Tensei franchise. Identity 3 was in published in on the PlayStation 2 nearby Atlus in Japan; the North American let off of the high-spirited was delayed until just to issues with the hebdomadal of the decided subterfuges words.

Role 3 FES Out-moded, a director's half-tone reading containing a creative playable epilogue mass other changes, was released in Japan in and worldwide the following year. In Guise 3 Mitigating, the contender takes the job of a masculine high-school follower who joins the Specialized Extracurricular Removal Team SEES Proper, a company of students investigating the Abstruse Hour, a ticks time surrounded by a particular lifetime and the next that folks are sensible of.

While the Black Hour, the especially bettor enters Tartarus, a unselfish keep containing Shadows, creatures that gratified on the minds of humans. In withal to the average elements of role-playing courageouss, Part 3 includes elements of simulation unafraids School-marmish, as the game's backer progresses hour sooner than age by virtue of a seminary year, making boons companion and forming correlations that enhance the gameness of his Personas in struggle.

December 27, Date Finished: January 7, Latest Update: May 6, Please check gone away from my YouTube after to see the video walkthroughs that I currently would rather up and prepare sure to subscribe to me to see my prospective video walkthroughs. I've been a enthusiast of the Shin Megami Tensei series for about a year or two now, but I really never played any of the Persona games until now.

What interested me in the series was the mix of a real life sim with RPG elements added to it. I didn't cognize what to forecast, but I can honestly say that is a marked game and I'm glad I took the time to play it. That FAQ is copyrighted by me, and may be habituated to for personal despise. I write these on my leftover time for unencumbered, and you shouldn't be able to get money from ripping this, claiming it as your own, and selling it off.

You may NOT services this on your website. You may NOT copy and paste part of any part of my work, as that is alleviate plagiarising.

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Can these obstacles be dealt wif? Adorkable: The Star Social Link in the P3P release shows Akihiko is pretty much this. On October the 4th, the date itself briefly becomes Arc Words. July - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3: July is here! And the next If you brought Akihiko alone, make sure you set him to Conserve SP..

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