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Antibacterial activities of some constituents from oleo -gum-resin of Commiphora mukul. Neuropharmacological screening of essential oil from oleo gum resin of Gardenia lucida Roxb.

The oleo gum resin of Gardenia lucida is commonly employed in traditional medicine to treat multiple ailments, including epilepsy and mania. The essential oil isolated from it was screened for CNS activities to check if it is responsible for the claims made regarding the traditional use of the oleo gum resin. The hypnotic and anticonvulsant activity was assessed by pentobarbitone induced hypnosis and convulsant models-Maximum electroshock MES and Pentylene tetrazole PTZ respectively.

Effect on motor activity was evaluated using an actophotometer, rotarod and grip strength methods. The oil significantly potentiated the barbitone induced hypnosis and offered significant protection against the intensity and frequency of convulsions and "Fobias mas raras yahoo dating" rate in both the convulsant models.

A significant decrease in locomotion, motor impairment and loss of gripping reflex was also observed. The Fobias mas raras yahoo dating oil of the oleo gum resin of Gardenia lucida is a CNS depressant and anticonvulsant with central muscle relaxant properties. This justifies the claims made regarding the use of the oleo gum resin of Gardenia lucida in CNS disorders.

Irritant potential of some constituents from oleo -gum-resin of Commiphora myrrha. The irritant potentials of essential oil and seven sesquiterpenoids compounds newly isolated from the oleo -gum-resin of Commiphora myrrha were investigated by open mouse ear assay. The essential oil, curzerenone, furanodieneone and furanoeudesma-1,3-diene showed potent and persistent irritant effects while others possess least irritant potentials.

Rheology of oleo gels based on sorbitan and glyceryl mono stearates and vegetable oils for lubricating applications. Oleo gels based on sorbitan and glyceryl mono stearates and different types of vegetable oils, potentially applicable as biodegradable alternatives to traditional lubricating greases, have been studied.

In particular, the rheological behavior, by means of small-amplitude oscillatory shear SAOS measurements, and some lubrication performance-related properties mechanical stability and tribological response have been evaluated in this work. SAOS response and mechanical stability of these oleo gels are significantly influenced by the type and concentration of the organogelator and the vegetable oil used in the formulations. The use of low-viscosity oils, such as rapeseed and soybean oils, yields gels with significantly higher values of the linear viscoelastic functions than oleo gels prepared with high-viscosity oils, i.

The rheological behavior of SMS-based oleo gels also depends on the cooling rate applied during the gelification process. Combustion oil production by direct liquefaction of the black liquor; Obtencao de oleo combustivel atraves da liquefacao direta de lixivia negra.

A large number of publications about the liquefaction of carbonaceous materials with carbon monoxide in water have appeared. As carbon monoxide reacts with water to form formate. We have decided to use this compound for the direct liquefaction of black liquor, obtained from the pulp and paper industry.

The reaction conditions Fobias mas raras yahoo dating varied between and deg C and to bar of inert gas. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Guggulu is an oleo -gum resin which exudes out as a result of injury from the bark of Commiphora wightii Arnott Bhandari [syn.

Ex Stocks Engl; Balsamodendron mukul Hook. Ex Stocks; Family, Burseraceae]. It has been used in the Ayurveda since time immemorial for Fobias mas raras yahoo dating treatment of variety of disorders such as inflammation, gout, rheumatism, obesity, and disorders of lipids metabolism.

It is a mixture of phytoconstituents like volatile oil which contains terpenoidal constituents such as Fobias mas raras yahoo dating, sesquiterpenoids, diterpenoids, and triterpenoids; steroids; flavonoids; guggultetrols; lignans; sugars; and amino acids. This review is an "Fobias mas raras yahoo dating" to compile all the information available on all of its chemical constituents which are responsible for its therapeutic potential.

The wild occurrence of this species is Fobias mas raras yahoo dating mainly to the dry regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat States of India, and the bordering regions of Pakistan. Oleo -gum resin, guggulu, tapped from the stems of this species, is consumed in high volumes by the Indian herbal industries.

There has been a decline in its wild population Fobias mas raras yahoo dating the last several decades, as a result of habitat loss and degradation, coupled with unregulated harvesting and tapping of oleo -gum resin.

This species is consequently assessed as Critically Endangered and enlisted in the IUCN red list of threatened species. Fabrica de Elemento Combustivel. The technology development of upper nozzle welding of Angra-2 Combustible element, done at CDTN Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclearthis technology transfer to FEC Fabrica de Elemento Combustivelthe welders training of FEC in nozzle welding, the radiographic control of nozzle welds and the FEC personnel training in Fobias mas raras yahoo dating nozzle welds radiography are presented is this report.

Study of a hybrid system using solid oxide fuel cells SOFC and gas turbine; Estudo de um sistema hibrido empregando celula de combustivel de oxido solido SOFC e turbina Fobias mas raras yahoo dating gas.

In this paper a hybrid solid oxide fuel cell SOFC system, applying a combined cycle using gas turbine for Fobias mas raras yahoo dating decentralized energy production is analyzed. The relative concepts about the Fobias mas raras yahoo dating cell are presented, followed by some Fobias mas raras yahoo dating and technical information such as the change of Gibbs free energy in isothermal fuel oxidation directly into electricity.

This represents a very high fraction of the lower heating value LHV of a hydrocarbon fuel. In the next step a methodology for the study of SOFC and gas turbine system is developed, considering the electricity and steam production for a hospital. This methodology is applied to energetic analysis. Natural gas is considered as a fuel.

It is necessary to consider that the cogeneration in this version also is a good technical alternative, demanding special methods of design, equipment selection and contractual deals associated to electricity and fuel supply. This research aimed of presented to examine the effect of intellectual intellegence on the performance of educator accountant. Preceptions in measured by responses to ques tionnaires that uses ordinal measurement with a 5 point Likert scale. The analytical tool used to test the hypotesis Utilization of oleo -chemical industry by-products for biosurfactant production.

Biosurfactants are the surface active compounds produced by micro-organisms. The eco-friendly and biodegradable nature of biosurfactants makes their usage more advantageous over chemical surfactants. Biosurfactants encompass the properties of dropping surface tension, stabilizing emulsions, promoting foaming and are usually non- toxic and biodegradable. Biosurfactants offer advantages over their synthetic counterparts in many applications ranging from environmental, food, and biomedical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

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The important environmental applications of biosurfactants include bioremediation and dispersion of oil spills, enhanced Fobias mas raras yahoo dating recovery and transfer of crude oil. The actual stage of technological development is strongly dependent on wide use of petroleum combustibles, in which its trade Fobias mas raras yahoo dating defines the rules of socio economical and geopolitics interdependencies. The economic growth has been driven by the 'readily available - cheap energy' stimulus, limiting studies on natural sources of energy geothermal, solar and development of renewable ones bio combustibles.

However, economical, financial crisis may change this scenario, and new opportunities for a change in the technological matrix and in technological structure might occur. In Brazil, the 'Agenda 21', especially the PPA - Applied Research Program in the Energetic Area, intend to develop case studies and implement 'pilots projects' to research conventional and renewable sources of energy, bringing to present the value of this project, developed between andto evaluate Fobias mas raras yahoo dating technical feasibility of ethylic alcohol utilization as a complementary combustible or in a total substitute for the fuel oil in boilers of conventional thermoelectric generation plants.

This work presents the performance Fobias mas raras yahoo dating one of the Piratininga thermal power plant's boiler, as well as the main data acquired from direct Fobias mas raras yahoo dating and the characteristics of this plant, from the use of ethylic alcohol as a substitute of fuel oil. Implementation and testing of the use of vegetable oils as fuel diesel generators in the Amazon isolated communities; Implantacao e testes de utilizacao de oleo vegetal "Fobias mas raras yahoo dating" combustivel para diesel geradores em comunidades isoladas da Amazonia.

The project PROVEGAM 'Implantation and test of a unit demonstration of energetic utilization of vegetable oil', tested in operational conditions of field, the functioning of a conventional diesel engine, adapted to operate with palm oil 'in natura' in the community of Vila Soledade, city of Moju, Para State.

The Vila Soledade is an isolated community that has, approximately, inhabitants and it's located at one hundred kilometers from the city hall by car and more 30 Fobias mas raras yahoo dating by boat. The electric energy of this community was previously generated, by a conventional diesel engine, obsolete and very expensive to the community, because the fuel price and the transport of the diesel oil from the city to the community.

Because of the viscosity of the palm oil and its combustion point, it was necessary to heat the vegetable oil Fobias mas raras yahoo dating its injection into the engine. The operation begins and finishes with diesel oil, in order to heat the palm oil and to clean possible residues deposited in the interior of the engine.

The use of the palm oil justifies itself for being produced in the region, which means that it doesn't have to be imported. Currently, the generating group is working in the community during 5 hours per day with palm oil, and 1 hour per day with diesel oil and it already has more than hours of testing.

The results of this project, so far, have confirmed the conceived premises, and this electric model of generating energy is already recommended to be implemented in other communities in the Amazon region. Impacts of fuel oil substitution by natural gas in a pipeline network scheduling; Impactos da substituicao do oleo combustivel por gas natural na programacao de uma rede de dutos.

Souza Filho, Erito M. In recent decades, due to the advancement and computational methods for solving optimization problems, the number of articles addressing the scheduling of products has grown. The mathematical models developed have proved useful to schedule from a single pipeline with multiple products to complex networks of multiple pipelines.

Moreover, the planning of these activities is of even greater importance when considering the existence of new environmental requirements to be applied to production and marketing of petroleum products. An example of this paradigm shift is the reduction in fuel oil consumption due to increased share of natural gas in the Brazilian energy matrix.

In this context, this paper proposes a mathematical model to obtain feasible solutions for problems of scheduling a network of pipelines considering replacing all or part of the demand for fuel oil to natural gas.

We tested the model on three real instances of a multi commodity network consists of 4 terminals, 4 refineries and 8 unidirectional pipelines, considering a planning horizon of one week. Vegetable oil as fuel for electric power generation at Rondonia, BR, small agglomerate as way of revenue generation; Oleo vegetal como combustivel para energia eletrica em pequenos aglomerados de Rondonia como forma de geracao de renda.

This text approaches the question energy having as based alternative combustible reference in vegetal oils and the Decentralized Generation of Energy, for attendance of isolated systems and with small load, having as conceptual base the partner-economic-ambient sustain ability, being the economic chain of the entailed and conditional energy to the ambient, social aspects, technician, politicians, financiers and economics.

This text intends to demonstrate to the mechanisms used in a research and development project P and D for the determination and domain of energy generation, electricity and power, from vegetal oils of suitable oleaginous to the State of Rondonia for a Extractive Reserve.

Fobias mas raras yahoo dating....

Having as reference the contribution for the local and sustainable development of isolated localities, for the generation of job and income, for the energy self-sufficiency of isolated localities and to make available alternative to the companies of Fobias mas raras yahoo dating electric sector of energy availability of isolated communities. Full Text Available Many oil-based high-voltage circuit breakers are still in use in national power networks of developing countries, like those in Eastern Europe.

RESULTADOS: As prevalências de 1...

Changing these breakers with new more reliable ones is not an easy task, due to their implementing costs. The acting device, called oleo -pneumatic mechanism MOP, presents the highest fault rate from all components of circuit breaker.

Therefore, online predictive diagnosis and early detection of the MOP fault tendencies are very important for their good functioning state. In this paper, fuzzy logic approach is used for the diagnosis of MOP-type drive mechanisms. Expert rules are generated to estimate the MOP functioning state, and a fuzzy system is proposed for predictive diagnosis.

The fuzzy inputs give information about the number of starts and time of functioning per hour, in terms of short-term components, Fobias mas raras yahoo dating their mean values. Several fuzzy systems were generated, using different sets of membership functions and rule bases, Fobias mas raras yahoo dating their output performances are studied. Simulation results are presented based on an input data set, which contains hourly records of operating points for a time horizon of five years.

The fuzzy systems work well, making an early detection of the MOP fault tendencies. Antileishmanial activity of Fobias mas raras yahoo dating assa-foetida oleo gum resin against Leishmania major: An in vitro study. Full Text Available Background: In Ayurveda, asafetida is introduced as a valuable remedy for flatulence, hysteria, nervous disorders, whooping cough, pneumonia and bronchitis in children and also considered as an aphrodisiac agent.

Presently, Leishmaniasis is common in most countries of the world and is a serious health problem in the world. Some plant medicines and natural products have a new candidate for treatment of leishmaniasis.

This study was designed to evaluate Ferula assa-foetida oleo gum resin asafetida on mortality and morbidity Leishmania major in vitro. A fixed initial density of the parasites was transferred to screw-capped vials containing 5 ml of RPMI media to which different Fobias mas raras yahoo dating of Fobias mas raras yahoo dating. Each run also included control.

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  • Fobias mas raras yahoo dating. Vincent- MAS ISSO DÓI PRA PORRA! Eu- Cala boca caralho, tira isso do braço...
  • Antibacterial activities of some constituents from oleo -gum-resin of Commiphora mukul.
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Fobias mas raras yahoo dating

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