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Nobody needs a inch curved ultra-wide computer monitor. But after using one, you'll be convinced you do. In almost every way, the monitor is pure overkill. But that's the beauty of it. The display is classic Samsung doing what it does best: You could buy two inch curved monitors with similar features resolution, brightness, color accuracy, refresh rate, etc.

Becoming the envy of all your friends is worth it, too. Sitting down in front of "Curve game meme dating benchmarks test" inch display is like plopping yourself into a cockpit.

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You feel like you're at a battle station, ready to get a lot of shit done, even if that's just checking emails and watching YouTube videos.

This screen makes you feel like a boss because it covers almost your entire field of view. Every one of my coworkers who has seen the If there's any display that can be likened to an Imperial Star Destroyer looming over minuscule freighters, it's this.

Samsung says the screen's equivalent to dual inch monitors so I pulled over two inch Apple Thunderbolt Displays and sure enough it was about as wide. If you have a messy desk like I do, brace yourself for a cleanup because you'll have to move everything to make room for this beast.

The inch monster is sold as a gaming monitor, so it has a full list of display performance specs to meet gamer standards: Samsung's own Quantum Dot technology, or QLED as the company likes to call it, also serves up to a billion shades of color I tip my hat off to you if you can actually see so many shades. Pixel geeks will probably balk at the display's 3, x 1, resolution, which is definitely lower than you might expect for something this big, but it honestly didn't bother me.

There are some gigantic ultra-wides with more vertical resolution if isn't enough. So you end up trading size for resolution. If you're spending big money on a big-ass screen, you might as well get the biggest you can. And size really is "Curve game meme dating benchmarks test" primary reason to buy this screen. The inch display is so large that my neck hurt after a few minutes of turning from one side to the other post-setup.

My mistake, of course, was I Curve game meme dating benchmarks test too close to the monitor. Samsung recommends sitting inches away from the display for the best experience. After I moved back, I stopped having neck pains. You also want to make sure the display sits at the right height, which you can easily adjust with the stand. The screen slides up and down, tilts slightly down and upwards, and swivels a few degrees. The screen is excellent for gaming and is a good substitute for a dual-monitor setup.

I've always disliked seeing the bezel division between two connected displays and now it's not a problem on Samsung's big screen. Some of my gamer colleagues nitpicked at games looking fuzzier than on their own dual- or triple-monitor setups, but my nonpro-gamer eyes thought they looked fine. Not all PC games support the ultra-wide aspect ratio and many stretch out the resolution, so definitely check if your favorite games do before buying one of these bad boys. Despite being marketed as a gaming monitor, you absolutely don't need to be a gamer to fully appreciate and use this gargantuan beauty.

Hell, I used the monitor for work most of my days. You've never experienced true multitasking until you've opened three or four windows side-by-side on such a wide screen.

Looking at Google Maps is so much more immersive, juggling three or more windows of social media is manageable, Curve game meme dating benchmarks test holy crap, using Trelloa popular project management app, will never be the same again:. Content that's not optimized for the wideness get a little wonky, though. In fullscreen, sometimes text can be formatted so that Curve game meme dating benchmarks test stretches the entire screen.

For example, in Gmail, some emails came through like this:. Videos that aren't made for I'm sad — sad because I have to box up Samsung's monster display and send it back.

AnandTech exposing benchmark cheating on...

I'm gonna miss this huge-ass screen. I'm gonna miss the "ooh's" and "ahh's" from everyone who sees it. And I'm sure he's gonna miss being able to hang up his headphones "Curve game meme dating benchmarks test" the little pop-out hook on the backside of the stand. But we'll work through it. We'll have to look into each other's loving eyes again, but at least this giant thing isn't blocking the office lighting anymore. One thing I won't miss is the monitor's lack of built-in speakers.

I get that gamers who'd buy this thing probably wear fancy Curve game meme dating benchmarks test headphones, but it feels like Samsung cheaped out here.

Samsung's inch monitor seems absurd. Who needs a screen this wide and this big? But that's what everyone said about dual-monitor setups years ago. I predict in a few years, screens like this one won't be as much of an outlier as it is today. Dual screens will be a thing of the past once new ultra-wides like this replace them. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

Click Here to find out more. Tech Like Follow Follow. Samsung inch Ultra-wide Monitor. Bang for the Buck 4. Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, which is now on "Curve game meme dating benchmarks test" in the UK, US, and a number of other countries around.

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in horse- drawn carriage for magical Disneyland performance Singer, 49, wowed fans in his new show The Titan Games Time to get physical for talk queen's pal her flawless curves in an eye-popping mini dress for Beautycon Festival. Sluggish performance • Janky touchscreen for some apps like Learning Curve SEE ALSO: Inside Microsoft's secret Surface testing labs. Creepy 'Black Mirror' board game 'Nosedive' lets you rate your. Mix 'Detective Pikachu' with 'A Star Is Born' and you get some delightfully weird memes.

You can also advertisement into the Say with your features using Windows Hello. It supports the Microsoft Pen stylus and the Model Cover keyboard, which comes with a trackpad. The Tick away also has a small, but equally as robust, kickstand just like the Surface Pro. Imprisoned Microsoft's secret Boundary testing labs. The Surface Go is Microsoft's attempt to make its Boundary devices accessible to more people.

Take of it as a gateway into the Surface ecosystem. The tablet's reduce price also means — whether Microsoft likes it or not — its main competitor is the iPad: I applaud Microsoft notwithstanding lowering the Arise entry fee, but the Surface Go's too underpowered and the full Windows 10 experience isn't optimized well in favour of such a stingy screen.

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Alastair Cook took his take off with a bewitching adieu hundred , finishing tried as he had started against India all those years ago; and thereupon his great mate, James Anderson , surpassed Glenn McGrath with the closing ball of the series. No wonder there was some blubbing during the presentations.

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Huawei & Honor's Recent Benchmarking Behaviour: A Cheating Headache

Does anyone remember our articles unscrupulous benchmark behavior back in ? At the time we called the industry out on the fact that most vendors were increasing thermal and endowment limits to boost their scores in common benchmark software. Close forward to , and it is happening again. AnandTech exposing benchmark cheating on smartphones has a long and rich life.

Scandal was high on the agenda, and the results were bad for both companies and end users: Even reviewers were misled. So thankfully, ever since then, vendors have backed improbable quite a bit on the practice. Since , for not too years it would appear that a significant proportion of devices on the market are behaving within expected parameters.

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Am I overreacting on my friend? In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their. Sluggish performance • Janky touchscreen for some apps like Learning Curve SEE ALSO: Inside Microsoft's secret Surface testing labs . Creepy 'Black Mirror' board game 'Nosedive' lets you rate your . Mix 'Detective Pikachu' with 'A Star Is Born' and you get some delightfully weird memes..

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