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Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies


During my tenure as chair, WGSS went through an external review and we are getting ready for another review scheduled for the upcoming academic year. In my role as chair, I have aimed to sustain a departmental culture that is collegial and collaborative, where there is continual interaction among all members, decisions are transparent, and everyone is encouraged to do their best work. While this is an ideal that cannot be achieved perfectly, my departmental colleagues, who are full of wisdom, commitment and dedication to our field, have been a constant inspiration.

I am profoundly grateful. We are excited to have launched a national search and look forward to selecting a new chair in spring of With warmest wishes, Jill Bystydzienski. I can say without a doubt that being chair of WGSS has been the most exciting and productive time of my entire academic career.

Teaching WGSS graduate and undergraduate students has brought me much joy and I continue to stay in touch with many of them as they go on to pursue exciting academic programs and careers. Many of our alumni have been very generous over the years, supporting programs and initiatives that have made the department thrive. Moreover, our department has received consistently strong support from the College of Arts and Sciences, especially our divisional dean.

Lauren Rose Strand, undergraduate academic advisor, has also led feminist outreach and education at OSU this semester. After screening an episode of Modern Family with the students, Lauren, Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies, and Jon facilitated a discussion of privilege, oppression, gender, race, class, and sexuality.

Sara helps these children communicate with their legal advocates in order to secure residency and safe living conditions. Sara also recently lent her expertise on immigration and sex work to a journalism student at Humboldt State University for her research on prostitution. Sierra is responsible for the fundraiser to help Columbus residents travel to direct development, planning, training, and Ferguson, MO in solidarity with Ferguson implementation of diversity, inclusion, anti-racism citizens.

Through the Columbus to Ferguson and race relations programming both internally and Freedom Ride fundraiser Glover raised over externally. Amanda Rossie members, including faculty member Dr. Ally Day is in teaching feminist, sex-positive, queer-friendly her first year at the University of Toledo as an sexual health lessons in OSU classes and dorm assistant professor in their Disability Studies programs. Alongside clear, detailed information on Program.

Kelli is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. She has lived abroad in Spain and Siberia. Her research interests include alternative identities, activism and art in Latin America. During her undergraduate career she presented on issues surrounding sexuality and power dynamics in relationships at numerous university conferences as well as conducted safe zone trainings for the University "Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies" Utah LGBT Resource Center.

His research interests include queer theory, queer of color critique, art and photography, urban culture, and gentrification. Her area of interest is sexual assault and law. She hopes to become an advocate for survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence. Invested in Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies inquiry across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, she has a PhD in Anthropology from Harvard University and postdoctoral fellowships from Agrarian Studies at Yale University and the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis.

Disciplining Orangutans Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies Workers on Borneo, which argues that supporting biodiversity entails losing an aspiration for human hegemony and instead accepting a mutual vulnerability shared with multitudes of life forms. Her future ethnographic work investigates Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies and the material traces of American imperialism in Manila, Philippines.

Students and faculty in Gender...

Her work speaks to feminist science studies, cultural anthropology, and environmental humanities. Charlene Gilbert is the new dean and director of The Ohio State University at Lima and our newest faculty member in the department. For the past 18 years Dr. Gilbert has been an independent documentary filmmaker, teacher and scholar. She is a national film producer for public television and her current projects include an experimental documentary project on the institutionalization of people with disabilities.

As an independent documentary filmmaker, Charlene Gilbert has produced two award-winning feature documentaries and several short non-fiction films. In addition, she has presented papers, lectures and participated in round-table discussions at meetings of the American Studies Association, the Society of Cinema Studies, the National Women's Studies Association, the University Film and Video Association, and numerous other conferences throughout the U.

Cynthia Burack became an associate editor for the journal New Political Science. She also published Tough Love: While gearing up for the critical midterm elections, Wendy Smooth also engaged in a discussion on the role of black women in electoral politics at the Center for American Progress. Mary Thomas received two grant awards for She was featured on thefeministwire.

The lasting power of these events was palpable in the Mershon Auditorium, which felt electric. The audience gave Professor Hill three standing ovations over the course of the evening. She outlined how the failures of process during the Senate Judiciary Hearings inmust inform our reforms today to make processes fair and not to denigrate Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies question the integrity of the survivor of sexual violence who comes forward.

Lynn Chair in Law at Moritz, Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies on the ongoing legal and cultural legacy of the Hill testimony.

Katie Hanna, executive director of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence, spoke about the current mobilization around sexual assault and Title IX on college campuses. A Women of Color Thinktank. Their visit has led to continuing dialogues about how we can better respond to sexual violence and make the processes safe and just, and has given students the courage to speak out about their own experiences.

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Professor Hill makes you feel like you can stand up and "Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies" stay quiet, and speak up about what you feel is right.

Her research explores normative assumptions about sex, gender and sexuality in discourses on non-normative gender expressions. Throughout the fall I tried to make the most of the opportunity of being part of a vibrant educational environment with close ties to civil society.

I attended community conversations, events, vigils etc.

Chicana and Latina feminism; Chicanx...

I also had invaluable chances to network with U. For all this I am very grateful. On a professional level I hope that. On a personal level I hope that this is just the beginning of challenging, politically charged feminist friendships. In conversations with students I am confronted with other questions than the ones I typically pose in the confinements of my Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies. So to be paired with a group of students with very diverse backgrounds--some majoring in WGSS, others in other disciplines, such as counseling, linguistics, neuroscience, dance and comparative literature, undergraduates and graduates, many with experiences of activist work, all committed to making a critical intervention into structural cisnormativity--has been a gift and a challenge.

As a class we investigated context-specific expressions of cisnormativity and how they are structured by sexism, racism, colonialism and ableism. We discussed how geopolitically specific conditions, like legal recognition and access to medical health care, interact with transnational ones, like neoliberal discourses on human rights.

We were fortunate enough to have fierce activists share their knowledge with us in the classroom, and hopefully the conversations we started will continue both inside and outside of our academic walls. Gee Distinguished Lecture in Ethics. A panel of faculty and students discussed issues of police brutality and people of color. September 29 Ellen Feder, associate professor at the American University, visited campus and delivered a public lecture, "Normalizing Atypical Sex Anatomies: A Question of Ethics or Culture?

Sex and Gender Struggles". Speaking Truth to Power. Hill "Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies" participated in a panel on issues surrounding campus sexual assault. Situating the Somatechnics of Intersex. In addition, the department hopes to create new outreach and engagement initiatives as well as study abroad opportunities to Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies feminist studies innovative.

The Department of Women's, Gender...

In conjunction, we are launching a 40th Anniversary fundraising campaign. You can select your favorite feminist icon: Development Funds Elizabeth D. Oval Mall Columbus, OH wgss. With Osu department of womens gender and sexuality studies wishes, Jill Bystydzienski Dr. EDU IV sexual health, these lessons emphasize how to communicate about consent and enjoyment. Juno Parrenas and Dr.

EDU Here is Dr. College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio State. Published on Jan 13, The Department of Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University has been home to award-winning, widely published faculty for over 30. Prior to coming to IU, she taught in the Departments of Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati.

She holds. The latest Tweets from OSU WGSS Department (@WGSST_OSU). Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies examines how systems of oppression, resistance.

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