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Star wars the clone wars sexy


Ahsoka punched left, and right hitting the punching bag. Ahsoka looked over at Master Ayla doing the same thing across the gym damn the woman oozes sex appeal, her boobs were big and her ass Star wars the clone wars sexy shapely making Ahsoka look down at herself short, toned and devoid of curves.

Unlike the Twi'lek who wherever she went she drew everyone's eyes and, lust especially on a clone cruiser Ahsoka "Star wars the clone wars sexy" draw so many eyes on that note she looked around Star wars the clone wars sexy that all the clones were doing their exercises half assed most of them were trying to look at Ayla secretly, while some were openly gazing at her.

The only exception seemed to be Rex who didn't even glance at Ayla instead he kept glancing at her. It made her feel very un-jedi which was silly because big, tall, strong rex wouldn't be interested in her he probably was just keeping an eye out for her like he always did, somehow that thought disappointed her.

Rex hated working out when Ahsoka was nearby she distracted him, he knew most of his brothers looked at the twi'lek but, he couldn't seem to be attracted to her it was all Ahsoka for him.

Damn why did she have to wear those little outfits. She was always running around in those little getups a strip of cloth for a top and tights that hugged her ass like a second skin and it made him get hard at the wrong times, like when he was in front of the generals or when he was wearing his assault armor where the crouch wasn't so friendly.

Thinking about that made him flashback to a memory. Rex walked down the endless corridors to the command center looking around he saw his brothers doing their work, loading equipment and looking over the weapons. As he arrived he Star wars the clone wars sexy Ahsoka walk up from the opposite direction in a one of her sleeping outfits that consisted of Star wars the clone wars sexy pair of sweatpants and a light tank top that stopped above her navel she looked very sleepy.

With that they walked into the command center where the generals were making plans around a holo table the door opening made them look up. Ahsoka just finished her long work out when she looked at rex again he was just standing infront of his bag looking into the distance. She jogged up looking at him wondering what was going on with him.

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A sharp KNOCK KNOCK woke rex up from his sleep he looked over at the chrono who the hell was knocking at 1 in the morning it was probably one of the new troopers that just got transfered from Kamino as he got up still in his boxers he walked to the door ready to lay into the new recruit.

He thumbed the open button "listen troope She seemed to be in a trance as she began to rub him up and down causing him to gasp at the feeling and, making him want to touch her. "Star wars the clone wars sexy" his hands down her ribs he got closer and closer to her pants and then he snaked his hand into her pants were he found an interesting discovery no panties. The discovery was quickly forgotten when he reached her pussy which was starting to get wet.

Rex slid his finger up and down her pussy feeling her twitch and then sliding one finger inside her rex heard her sharp gasp. He started to move slow at first and then a little faster as he got his tempo he looked at her lips so plump and juicy he needed to kiss her so he did he lifted her chin and kissed her.

Ahsoka was completely compliant opening her mouth letting him in as their tongues twirled he opened his eyes to gaze into hers he found something shocking her eyes Star wars the clone wars sexy completely black "Ahsoka your eyes are completely black" just as he said that her eyes snapped back to her normal beautiful blue eye. Rex couldn't understand what just happened. Ahsoka rushed down the halls, black eyes weren't good, she read somewhere in her studies her kind eyes went completely black when they found their mate.

Along with that came incredible increase in the person's libido which could only be sated by the other person, masterbating only made it worse Ahsoka could already feel it only her jedi trained will had let her walk away from Rex to make it better according to the anatomy books this feeling only got worse. Star wars the clone wars sexy she nearly ran down the halls she must have looked odd because Master Ayla stopped her "padawan is there something wrong i sense your distress" she looked her up and down "ahh i see follow me padawan" with that she turned in the direction opposite of both their rooms instead heading to the gym where they stopped in front of the heavy bag Ayla pointed at Star wars the clone wars sexy bag and said Star wars the clone wars sexy it" frustrated that this woman brought her here she said "master im tired i want to go to sleep" Ayla would have none of that she said more forcefully "hit it!

When she regained her breath Ayla walked over to her "do you feel better now" oddly she did, confounded Ahsoka looked up how could she know,did she know? As she entered her room, she rushed Star wars the clone wars sexy to her data pad to get more information on what was happening. She immediately pulled up the Star wars the clone wars sexy on her species scrolling through things about diet, features and religion till she reached mating and reproduction.

As she started to read confirming some of what she already knew and, finding knew something new like the desire wouldn't go away naturally and, that masturbating wouldn't help she would have to mate with him for it to go away even a little and, and with the mission coming up she had a choice to make.

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Rex has had enough with Ahsokas Skimpy outfits so one day when he has had enough and goes to far he starts a mating bond with Ahsoka. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

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Fandom: Star Wars the Clone Wars Characters: a lot. Try the newest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on for size. In "Jedi Do Ahsoka and Secura's home worlds rationalize their sexy outfits?. See more ideas about Anakin skywalker, Clone wars and Star Wars. Give us " Guy Who Hates Sand," "High Ground," and "Sexy Orange Teen.

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