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She still has her dating profile up


I could understand if we'd only been on dates but after 7 and sex surely that ups it a level? She still has her dating profile up see no reason for She still has her dating profile up to close her profile for a guy she's dating rather than a guy she's in a committed relationship with.

Anyone have any advice on what I should do? It seems you want her to close her profile so it's suited to tell her this and if she complies go for and if she doesn't then you decide whether you want to remain or not.

People on dating sites usually keep their options openand date multiple people at the same time. That's why I wouldn't create a profile on a dating site.

You obviously aren't exclusive to her. If I were her I would keep on checking my online profile until you asked me to be a couple, so maybe that's what she is doing. Unless you have talked about being exclusive, she hasn't done anything wrong.

Bring it up next time you see her. But not about her having a profile, that will make her defensive. Talk about being exclusive, ask her to be your girlfriend. And if you aren't ready for that, keep quiet.

I see no reason for...

She could also be checking to see why your profile is still up. He still has his profile up, I deleted mine weeks ago. We haven't talked about it.

Doesn't bother me and it won't unless we become exclusive and he's still online at that point. I'm not really sure, but I think it's a lot like this site. You'll be logged in automatically it probably comes up just typing the first letter, and it's a bit addicitng. It's easy to just check if you got new messages and it's not necessarily a bad intention. But women usually have a lot of "She still has her dating profile up" on online dating portals. And personally I would keep my options open until I'm in a relationship which She still has her dating profile up to talk about it.

If he never asked for us to be a couple or at least exclusive, I'd keep seeing other people and I wouldn't sleep with him either I think you should tak to her, clear up where you're standing.

Apr 8, If you discover...

And where you see this going in the future. So this has just happened to me and my boyfriend brome it of with me because I still had my online dating profile up. So, yes she could be looking for someone else and she might not think you're that special someone, which you should communicate it with her and figure out where you stand. Or she could just have it up for the same reason I did, I never connected to anyone on it after I started seeing him, but O also didn't want to lay all my eggs She still has her dating profile up one basket cause I didn't know how real he was, and as selfish as it might sound I wanted to save myself the hassle of creating another profile.

Or you might not be fulfilling all her needs, other than sexual and she is looking in others to fill that gap, which again you have to communicate with her to figure it out. So no not everyone who She still has her dating profile up dating you and still has a profile up is a cheater. Are you two an item? Are you sure she knows that as well. Sometimes, you have to be clear, in definitive terms what your relationship is.

After the number of dates you've had I would just talk to her about being exclusive if you want to be. Perhaps she's still looking or perhaps she feels as though the relationship is rather casual but I would just talk to her. Maybe mention I'm feeling like this relationship is really great, and probably will drop the online dating account and then sort of gauge her response.

I'm sure it's unnerving seeing her online but rather than "She still has her dating profile up" assumptions about why or what she is doing I'd just go to the source and see how she feels about hte relationship. Have you actually had the talk about being exclusive yet? If you haven't, she's done nothing wrong. Too many people assume exclusivity without ever having the chat. She still checks her online dating profile.

I'll keep this short and sweet. Met a girl online. Over the course of months we've been on 7 amazing dates. She's really in to me. Loads of hugging, holding hands, kissing on her part. She's invited me to stay around twice. We've had sex around 8 times. I signed on to my dating profile over the weekend to delete it not because of us getting close, just haven't got time for it only to find she was online.

Accommodation advice

Now I'm really confused. We last dated on Friday when I stayed, text each other Sat and Sun and that was the last I heard from her. She didn't reply to my last text.

Any advice much appreciated. What is your "age limit" when it comes to dating? I made out with "She still has her dating profile up" guy at the bar and now I feel awful about it? What should I do? Is it possible that I intimidate guys?

Would you consider volunteering together to help people or animals to be an interesting date? How important is physical beauty for most men? What Girls Said 6. She might She still has her dating profile up want t close other options, talk to her about it. What Guys Said 4. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? You can post your own profile, but you cannot post anyone else's without I asked her directly if she was still active on OKC to which she replied, "no.

Oct 25, As you're deleting...

Sure enough, a quick search showed that she had been active within 5 days. We are supposed to meet up later this week to talk about everything. Oct 25, As you're deleting old messages, you see she's changed her profile for a relationship She still has her dating profile up to sign up for a dating site like We Love Dates.

A site. In other words, I have seen her being extremely open. If she's not ready to give up the dating sites, maybe you should let her go on with it without you. and find out what she is missing that she needs to be on that site still!.

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