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Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating


My name is Greg Packer. I showed up on Monday morning, June 25th, at 5am. Please reach Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating to me by leaving your comments, leaving me a note on MySpace, sending me an email, or even calling my mobile Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating while I am sitting in line.

Or, hey, come by and just visit! Want to help make my experience sitting in line more comfortable? Anything you can donate via PayPal grego hotmail.

Thank you to the iPhoneDevCamp guys — whurley and Raven Zacharyfor creating my site, noneck noel for the video work, and OuterNet for the domain registration. And, of course, the WordPress guys for hosting my site.

Also, please check out my Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating friend, David Clayman, who is documenting his experience on his own blog, the iphone adventure.

This entry was posted on June 26, at 1: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Good luck and enjoy the iPhone when you get it.

I’m first in line for...

I hope to get one in August when my Sprint contract ends. Be safe, Keep warm and enjoy the your wait. I got the link of your Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating through CNET. Good luck you are defenitly going to get your iPhone before me. With the air conditioning on. Greg, congrats on being the first! Hopefully there will be many more of us joining you soon, as soon as we can get away from working!

You have to be the dumbest and smartest Apple fan boy to date! I love the passion, but you are flat out "Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating" crazy dude. Donations… You are going to buy a flippin overpriced telephone. Have fun with all that time wasted for nothing, big guy! So where are you going to piss, shit, eat, shower? Just sit there and wait? And fries if you mail it to Europe. Oh and some ketchup Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating you pursuade a telco to host it here.

Good luck anyway, you nutzoid. Best wishes from other side of the globe India. Read about this news in an automobile site. And if you want to help a charity, help Oxfam, me and 7 office mates are walking km 60 miles inside 30 hours for Oxfam next month!

Najczęściej zadawane pytania

There are hundreds of thousands living on the streets of the world, and many more millions living in poverty. None of them do this by choice. Hope it shames you.

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I actually wandered how you manage all this time whitout going to the restrooms??? You have got to be kidding!!! I bet your mother is proud of you LMAO. Go and do something useful with your time. I hope when you reflect on this week you realize how you should have spent your time Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating wisely. You are just another example of a self centered American.

All you Americans think about is yourself. No wonder there are so many in your country who live in poverty. Anyone who donates money or food to you is an idiot.

Now that the blog is turning into a rant against rampant American consumerism and imperialism: Cheer up Greg, poppet. Use the donations to catch up on your Camus.

Hope You have fun reading those posts. By the way, people can ask you to buy iPhone for them too, and you can charge them, right? Sorry everyone, sorry world! I throw myself at your mercy — what should I do? Wow, you have a lot of nerve. What Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating fucking moron. You have the rare luxury of being Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating to afford sitting in line all week just to buy the first iteration of an expensive phone, and you have the NERVE to solicit donations so that you can scarf down more chips while killing time?

Look around at the poverty in New York City and seriously think about what the hell is wrong with you. At least the Star Wars line geeks gave their money to charity. You have some balls asking for donations to make your squanderous waste of time more comfortable while hundreds of thousands of new yorkers live on the street. You make me sick, and I hope someone mugs you and steals your precious new iphone.

Hey Greg, stay strong and have fun while waiting for the iPhone. Hope its everything its cracked up to be. Angry people of the world, Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating up. Its just a guy waiting in line for something, not a reflection of Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating as a whole. The time you waste reading blogs and being nasty to strangers could also be spent saving the world. It should be painfully obvious that this guy is begging for money for a phone.

If he has a job, I hope his boss sees this and fires him on the spot for being such loser. What a tragic waste of time, money and skin. I have o[ened a paypal account for people to donate some money for the time it has taken me to parse this moronic website. I will also be accepting any donations of cranial massages due to the nature of the content herein.

Ławnik wie lepiej niż sędzia?

You all talk about this guy, I think most of you should have first used your brains and ask youself is this for real and what is the joke or angle here. Verses assuming the guy is a looser who has no money and was looking for a hand out to buy an iphone.

As someone pointed out the guy is a self-publicist and the joke is all on you…. This guy can afford an iPhone and he still has the cheek to ask for donations!! You gotta be kidding me. Greg Packer From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: Greg Packer born December 18,an American highway maintenance worker from Huntington, New York, has been quoted in more than articles and television broadcasts Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating a member of the public that Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating, a person on the street rather than a newsmaker or expert.

His run in the press seems to have started with a quotation in The Tampa Tribune of October 6, Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating He was the first in line in to sign the condolence book at the British consulate when Princess Diana died. He slept outside in the snow in Washington in January to be the first in line to greet President George W. Bush after his inauguration. Unlike many attendees, Packer was willing to be quoted: And … I always give everybody … the respect and the time that they need.

I want to change her mind about running for president. I want Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating be part of her campaign. He has appeared in news stories more than times as a random member of the public.

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Packer was quoted on his reaction to military strikes against Iraq; he was quoted at the St. He has been quoted at Yankees games, Mets games, Jets games — even getting tickets for the Brooklyn Cyclones. Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating of them is Greg Packer of Huntington, N.

A Nexis search turned up mentions in various publications. Packer is clearly eager to be quoted. Nevertheless, not all journalists include such disclaimers; an EpochTimes.

Im Norden Bayerns in einem kleinen Dorf namens Randersacker, gleich vor den […]. You should be ashamed of yourself. Pecker has made himself look a pratt no matter which angle you look at him. We have to wait until to get iPhone in Asia.

It would be interesting for us to know how the device handles Chinese characters input. All phones we use here are bi-lingual…. This is what he does. From the sounds of things, it all depends on whether he gets any donations.

Chill out all you people who are slating him, you might have some strange hobbies too! Najczęściej zadawane pytania. COPPA, albo Child Online Privacy and "Zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating" Act of to prawo obowiązujące w USA, to dotyczy Ciebie jako kogoś próbującego zarejestrować się na stronie WWW, skontaktuj się z prawnikiem.

This allows you to save passages to be completed and submitted at a later date. Main · Videos; Dating service nz felpudos originales baratos online dating · who is benicio del toro dating · zadaj pytanie prawnikowi online dating. STOP giving this guy any credit HES A LOSER he used to date a friend of mine years ago.

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prawnik jesteś spotkać się on-line przez twojego WWW. cena Pytanie Twoja akupunktury na wszelkie harmonogram płatności.