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Sexual harassment laws in spain


Recently, the Nottingham police in the UK decided to treat misogynyranging from street harassment to physical attack, as a hate crime. This marks a step forward in the fight against violence against women and stopping street harassment. Some initiatives had already been launched to tackle violence and harassment in Sexual harassment laws in spain transportation in London in Many voices, mainly male voices, raised against this plan arguing it was anti-male and even anti-social.

In their arguments, the difference between harassment and even physical assault and an attempt to pick up is shockingly blurred and ignored.

This is especially alarming given how such harassment can escalate to violent crimes like physical assault and rape and even death. In Decembera woman was killed with a screwdriver Sexual harassment laws in spain rejecting sexual advances in a Parisian street close to Bastille.

There was also the case of a young woman being harassed, threaten and groped by a man in the Lille metro which has been widely commented on the media. The man admitted he hit on the woman. Cases like this are not unique at all and such frightening stories have been shared by women Sexual harassment laws in spain in Sexual harassment laws in spain. Just have a look at Project Crocodiles for example.

Actually, I have to admit that my decision to leave France has been, among others reasons, motivated by the harassment I had to face on a daily basis from the age of Harassment occurred by day, in crowded spaces and while I wrote large trousers and large shirts. Of course I am not saying that harassment is acceptable if we wear skirt or short or a bralette, I just want to emphasize that what we wear does not help to prevent harassment.

I always carried a whistle, had my mobile phone ready for calling the police, and held my keys strongly between my fingers. At some point, it was so bad that I asked my boyfriend to come to pick me up at work.

That was just unbelievable Sexual harassment laws in spain such a restriction of movement which I never faced in others countries where I lived. I still feel very unsafe, uncomfortable and, somehow, scared when I have to travel there. In Barcelona, I found a Sexual harassment laws in spain environment.

I remember being positively surprised to see posters at the entrance of supermarkets indicating what to do in case of domestic violence, to walk down the street and discover new poster from a new public campaign, to get leaflets in the metro explaining how to recognize gendered violence and what to do.

The politics of sexual harassment...

Sexual harassment laws in spain never suffered the same level of harassment here as in France, even when alone at night and wearing a skirt.

I was not yet in Spain in when the organic law which integrated measures to prevent and fight violence against women was adoptedbut I heard a lot about it as a model to follow. This law demonstrates a recognition and an awareness of the issue. For too many people, gendered violence means physical domestic violence, but in reality, gendered violence is not limited only to this kind of violence, yet it seems that others violence are a bit excluded.

As a Sexual harassment laws in spain of fact, if almost everyone agrees that it is not okay to hit someone, it seems that psychological violence, verbal harassment and sexual abuses do not provoke the same reaction.

This year so far, there have been 35 women killed by their intimate partner and there are 83 if we add women killed by non-intimate partner.

Spain - Sexual Harassment. Legal...

And that is the point. A woman who is attacked by her partner is considered to be a victim of gendered violence. Sexual violence and abuse neither. The recent event of San Firmin rape case re-opened the debate. This law is a Sexual harassment laws in spain tool to fight violence against women but it needs to include all kind of form of violence. As long as something is not recognized, it is a bit like if it does not really exist or is not very serious.

But we all know the impact of such kind of violence. And it is very serious.

A scandal related to women's...

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This statistic displays the public...

In Spain there are two different law enforcement forces which work at a national. Spain: Including Harassment and Sexual Abuse in Laws There was also the case of a young woman being harassed, threaten and groped. Stricter laws around sexual abuse and rape like that being considered in Spain can help protect women against sexual violence and bring.

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