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Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon


September 27, by Paul Sinclair tags: The CD edition is a three-CD package, while to fit everything on vinyl means that is a five-record set. David Wild has written sleeve notes for this new release. The live version on the recent Fleetwood Mac deluxe edition is absolutely stunning. Also, anyone who wants Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon sounding CDs of the 71 — 74 era should get hold of the Japanese SHM mini LPs, they are stunning to my ears and beautifully packaged.

Why is the 3cd version literally twice as much Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon the US than the UK? I could understand it being more but not twice as much? Earnestly wish someone would put some life into Bare Trees, Future Games, Heroes before the tapes crumble and the fans all fade away.

Really hoped there would be an SDE CD version, lavishly packaged and with some unreleased tracks, especially from the overlooked 71 — 74 era, which is Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon favourite.

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Oh Well, thats more money saved. When you order on Amazon UK or other Euro countries, and you live in the US and have products shipped here, it automatically comes off in the checkout stage because it does not apply to the US…simple as that…. This is great one of their best compilation releases yeton a par with their 2 CD multi million selling The Very Best Of which was released for their tour in ! As bad as that album Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon, there is some songs that were okay.

Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon to see Fireflies and Sad Angel on here. Could have added Miss Fantasy too. This was a chance to finally put the four tracks from Extended Play on a physical format. They opted for ONE, and only on the three disc set.

Would it have been so hard to include a new song or two to bring it up to date? Especially as they have 2 new guys in the band too! Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon

My old vinyl 'Rumours' was...

They need to stop re-issuing bullshit compilations and remaster everything after Then Play On and Fleetwood Mac.

Stop screwing around and get these things done in my lifetime. What a wasted opportunity of time and effort. Bizarre and a waste to my eyes and ears.

As someone who only wants a Best of from all eras and Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon better sound than my old copy of Greatest Hits Peter Green era this will do fine.

The Fleetwood Mac catalogue has been sufficiently milked. Only thing missing is a 5. Come on labels, think a little more outside the box no pun intended. Broken record I know but vinyl is more than 5 times more expensive than the vinyl.

That just Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon be explainable…. Seems to be almost identical to 25 Years: Your email address will not be published. Fleetwood Mac 50 years don't stop - 3CD edition. Fleetwood Mac 50 years don't stop - 5LP vinyl box.

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Fleetwood Mac 50 years don't stop - single CD edition. November 15, at October 30, at October 3, at This is an automatic pass for me. October 2, at Looks good but they should have included the full version of Oh Well…. October 1, at September 29, at September 28, at I must get this one.

Its compiled much better and in chronological order. Bare Trees and all the other CDs sound fine — Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon and plenty of dynamic range. October 9, at November 16, at September 27, at Putting out a singles collection seems to repeatedly be an impossible task Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon their label. Yet another Fleetwood Mac greatest hits.

Plus — are my eyes deceiving me or is there no Somgbird?! Kieran A Caulfield says: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email "Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon" will not be published.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours

Shop Price gbp Stock. It's taken 44 years for this original UK LP version of "Then Play On" to finally appear on CD! This was the swan song album of the original Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon Mac Format: Vinyl.

The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac (2CD) Audio CD Vinyl; Original Release Date: ; Number of Discs: 1; Format: Original. of results for CDs & Vinyl: Vinyl Store: Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood mac vinyl amazon Mac: Greatest Hits. Fleetwood Mac (33 & 1/3 RPM Vinyl).

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