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I am clearly doing something wrong when I am adding multiple data sources to my workbook, and as a result the sums of certain measures are being doubled or more. In the attached workbook, I have two sources of data, each with multiple data points for the same individual - a donations file, and Sumes sense portar online dating outstanding donations file.

I can see in the data source tab that because there is more than one item in the outstanding donations file, it causes each item in the donations file to appear twice - and as a result, in sheet 1, the sum of the donation amount is double what it should be. The outstanding donation amount is even more wacky, because it's being added in multiple times over.

What am I doing wrong? I've tried changing the joins every which way, with no luck - so clearly I'm missing a step in the process. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! You're not doing anything wrong - this is how Tableau works. Apologies to any database experts for my non-expert use of terminology, but basically what Tableau does is take all of your input tables and make one thumping great big flat file of them all.

So where you have more than one table with multiple records for each individual, you will end up with duplicate "Sumes sense portar online dating," exactly as you have discovered. The good news is that Level of Detail calculations are your friend here. So if you can create a unique id for your donations it doesn't look like you have "Sumes sense portar online dating" at the moment but if you can add one in the data source, it would be very helpfulyou can create a calculation that is fixed at that level, to sum up your donations.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a single unique id field - you could possibly use a combination of fields such as person id and date, if you can be sure no-one would ever make more than one donation on the same date.

Yes, it's a bit more of a faff than it might otherwise be but compared with the fun we had before LOD expressions came along, it's a doddle. Compare the results you get from this calculation, with the sum of the Donation Amount. It's a while since I've written an LOD expression to do this so there may well be a more efficient or better way of writing this - I'm sure if so, someone will be along soon to improve on my answer. Another way of approaching it would be to bring each table in Sumes sense portar online dating a separate Data Source and use data blending to combine your individual tables.

That brings its own problems, though, Sumes sense portar online dating in Sumes sense portar online dating and in other ways so might not be the best answer for you, but possibly worth a try. Additionally - This may help: In your case, what I will suggest is to use the data blend of your 3 data sources rather than join.

Because your outstanding donation data has 2 records for the same user so when you join the data, it will be doubled. By using the data bending, I got the below result. Everything is the same as you did, just different way of blending data by using the same Sumes sense portar online dating id.

Anna, this is perfect - thank you. Our data does in fact include unique identifiers for every donation, so that's easy to pull in. This was exactly what I needed to accomplish! Now I have a second question. I now need to calculate the sum Sumes sense portar online dating the donations together with the sum of outstanding donations.

I've managed to calculate those two fields, but when I try to come up with a sum, the number is once again way more than it should be.

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Is this possible, given that I'm trying to combine sums? I've reattached the workbook. Unfortunately, I am not able to open the workbook you attached, so wasn't able to see what you did.

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I did look up data blending, though, so will explore that more to see if that's a possibility. Glad you finally got your answer.

I think the problem is because you're adding one measure fixed to one id and another measure fixed to a separate id - so it's re-duplicating, if that makes sense. But if you sum up the two fields and then add them together if that makes senseit looks like it works:.

Ah, now I made it work. I had to change the syntax a bit, but finally figured it out. You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. This content has been marked as final. That's the bad news. I attached the workbook for your reference.

But if you sum Sumes sense portar online dating the two fields and then add them together if that makes senseit looks like it works: Mine hadn't been upgraded yet - just did that.

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