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Qdoba payroll number


How would you rate your experience with Qdoba Mexican Grill? Qdoba originally expanded Qdoba payroll number franchising but in purchased 25 of those franchised locations back. Qdoba serves burritos, tacos, quesadillas, taco Qdoba payroll number, tortilla soup, and fresh guacamole.

It is considered a higher quality fast-food chain. What is the phone number for Qdoba Mexican Grill? The phone number for Qdoba Mexican Grill is Who founded Qdoba Mexican Grill? Qdoba Mexican "Qdoba payroll number" was founded by in. We just ate at the Clayton rd. Location in chesterfield, mo. The place was filthy. Trash bins overflowing, out of fruit punch3 forks left and only a few napkins. The worst part was the chicken Qdoba payroll number. Rubbery and tasted horrible!

I will never go back to another qdoba! My husband and I left our food! My food was being prepared by Tyler who said he was the on Duty Manager. Tyler was very rude and nasty to me and my daughter. His customer service Qdoba payroll number horrible. He should not be working there with that type of attitude. Your store in Loveland Qdoba payroll number E 29th needs attention especially the stove. To me it needs to be replace.

The food counter is not kept cleaned off. The working are very nice and friendly. My wife and I very much Qdoba payroll number the food. I am am employee that worked for Qdoba since last Thursday. I have some questions and concerns based on the starting pay at Qdoba and the pay periods because my General Manager did not explain. The headquarters are not answering their phones so I need contact information for someone who is qualified to answer my questions.

Qdoba payroll number am writing to tell you about an awful dining experience at your E 82nd St Indianapolis, IN store at approximately 2pm.

I am pretty hard to rattle and will usually put up with a lot. I could not overlook this. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands before I ordered. No toilet paper, now paper towel,filthy restroom. In the hall leading to the rest room there Qdoba payroll number 4 to 5 booths. They had boxes of supplies that looked like Qdoba payroll number had been sitting there for weeks.

Stuff on the tables. It looked like a war zone. The place was not that busy but was absolutely trashed. The kind of trashed that looks like it had not been mopped in a few days. Trash all over the floors, unclean tables and no one busy doing any of that. We dined in the store. I sat facing the soda machine and noticed the service station next to it where you keep sauces, napkins etc…. By now i am starting to not eat lunch that I purchased from your store. We did not order sodas but there was another customer that was frustrated that there were virtually no choices available on the hundreds of flavors soda machine.

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"Qdoba payroll number" I heard him complain about it and the Qdoba employee was put out that she had to do something about it. A Qdoba payroll number minutes later like 8 minutes later a different employee came out and put several cartridges in the machine but was not happy about it.

I completely lost my appetite. I tossed more than half of the bowl I ordered and got the heck out of there. There is a serious lack of respect for your customers going on there. There is a serious lack of respect for your store. Obviously a serious leadership problem going on at that store. Although I live Qdoba payroll number I usually go to different location where the experience is always satisfactory. I suspect that you will rapidly lose business if this continues.

Being a local business owner I am aware that sometimes good help can be very hard to find but something needs to happen at the Qdoba payroll number and trickle down to fix this. My daughter works for Qdoba in Maryland.

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Employees are asked to clock out then continue to work; payroll is continually wrong and when asked how to process a change with a direct deposit, she is told to give the manager her full bank account information on a post it note so Qdoba payroll number can make the change. I am trying to connect with corporate HR and have been unable to find a number nor anyone within Qdoba who is willing Qdoba payroll number direct me to the appropriate person. I just got off the Qdoba payroll number trying to get a hold of human resources in regards Qdoba payroll number my son, who is a minor, and the terrible management in Lawrence, KS.

I called back to see if I could speak to an actual human JESSICA answered the phone, proceeded to tell me she is the only human in the whole corporate office and then hung up on me. Looks like the terrible Qdoba payroll number from Jeff in the Lawrence, KS store is wide spread all the way up to corporate…and Jessica, the only human in the corporate office.

Im writing with a suggestion. I see that on Wed June 14 Chipotle is offering a speical for all nursing staff. The deal is buy one get one free. We have to show our badge to show we are part of the nursing "Qdoba payroll number." Would you concider checking out what they are offering and doing the same special for us. You have a location in Willmar MN and I know the nursing community would live it.

Thank you for your concideration. Very disappointed in my employment experience with Qdoba. I have been in the Food and Beverage industry "Qdoba payroll number" over 25 years. Resume available upon request. I can honestly say Qdoba, by far, was the worst company I have had the displeasure of working with.

The only "Qdoba payroll number" that allows fraternization, not with lower management, but upper management! The DM was more concerned with making sure his friends had a job.

He micro managed me by sending his meth addicted friend now in rehab to help me in my store Qdoba payroll number she had so much knowledge.

She never spoke one word to me, she just kept notes. She eventually quit without notice and was allowed to work at another Qdoba. I worked for a year and decided that I could do better. I did not finish my 2 wk notice, the day that I left, the DM sends me a threatening text accusing me of stealing a Qdoba payroll number. I guess because his friends stole from him, he ASSummed I would do the same thing.

Qdoba Mexican Grill was founded...

He allowed Qdoba payroll number friend to take my place as a GM. This lady sends an email to HR accusing me of stealing money. I have never taken anything from any company or anybody, and to be accused by Qdoba was heartbreaking.

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Working for this company was definitely an experience, but if there were only 2 jobs left in this world, Qdoba or cleaning up horse XXXXX, get the shovel ready. Unbelievable, unacceptable, unprofessional are Qdoba payroll number 3 words I can use to describe Qdoba. It definitely gave me a different outlook on my career. Hello I was recently hired to the Mission location in Kansas City. During interview was told I should start manager training right away.

But was told they would call with start date. Got call from Gmail Anette who said I would need to apply as a cook if I wanted my training to start sooner than my background check would take. I started and on day 5 was informed I would be in Qdoba payroll number for weeks then move out front where I would work for 2 more weeks as a cook before my background check would even be submitted for review.

I said this is not what was agreed to in my interview process and asked to speak with area Qdoba payroll number. He then went into how he lived in his truck miles from his family to get where he is. He said work for Qdoba payroll number month and we will revisit.

When I asked my Qdoba payroll number leader Charlleene about discarding of expired product she said to leave it in the warmer so she could record the weight later in the evening.

She said no and walked away. Easter Sunday I am working and Qdoba payroll number GM comes in to write me up for arguing with management! Then informed me she would be removing me from the schedule for this infraction. I am an adult with 12 yrs restaurant experience and this place is a joke! Annette White and Charlleene are the 2 worst Qdoba payroll number I have ever worked for.

Qdoba benefits Qdoba payroll number perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. Reported anonymously by Qdoba employees.

QDOBA Mexican headquarters HQ, mailing and postal office address is given with the QDOBA Mexican contact telephone number, fax number and email. A free inside look at Qdoba salary trends. Qdoba payroll number for jobs at Qdoba.

Salaries posted anonymously by Qdoba employees.

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