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Oasisamerica is a term used by some scholars, primarily Mexican anthropologistsfor the broad cultural area defining pre-Columbian southwestern North America. Its name comes from its position in relationship with the similar regions of Mesoamerica and mostly nomadic Aridoamerica. As opposed to their nomadic Aridoamerican Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating, the Oasisamericans primarily had agricultural societies.

The term "Oasisamerica" is derived from a combination of the terms " oasis " and " America ". To the east and west of these enormous mountain ranges stretch the grand arid plains of the SonoraChihuahuaand Arizona Deserts. At its height, Oasisamerica covered part of the present-day Mexican states of ChihuahuaSonora and Baja Californiaas well as the U. Despite being a basically Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating land, Oasisamerica contains several bodies of water like rivers: The presence of these rivers and even some lakes that have since been swallowed by the desertcombined with a climate that was much milder than eastern Aridoamerica, allowed the development of agricultural techniques that were imported from Mesoamerica.

The story of the origins of the cultural superarea of Mesoamerica takes place some years after the separation of Mesoamerica and Aridoamerica. Some of the Aridoamerican communities farmed as a complement to their hunter-gatherer economy.

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Those communities, among whom one finds adherents to the Desert Traditionlater would become more truly agricultural and form Oasisamerica. Based on maize remnants found in Bat Cave, Arizona, it appears that agriculture practices date back to at least BC.

Given that the oldest traces of maize in North America date back to the year BC, it would seem that the hypothesis of Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating of agriculture from the south is correct. It is less certain who brought the agricultural technology and what role they played in the development of the high cultures of Oasisamerica.

At least three hypotheses have been proposed to explain the birth of the cultures of Oasisamerica. One, an endogenous model, posits an independent cultural development whose roots lie deep in antiquity.

From this point of view, thanks to a superior climate, the ancient desert communities would have been able to develop agriculture much as the Mesoamericans did. A second hypothesis presupposes that the nomads of the Mesoamerican culture slowly moved northward over time.

Thus, the Oasisamericans would be an offshoot of their neighbors to the south. In this view, the development of the Oasisamerican cultures, much like the northern Mesoamerican cultures, began with a group of outsiders who were closely tied to the local original inhabitants of western Mexico.

Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating are many indications of a close relationship between the two great cultural regions of North America. For one, the turquoise that the Mesoamericans prized so dearly came Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating exclusively from southern New Mexico and Arizona. "Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating" for this mineral alone may have played a large part in establishing trade relationships between the two cultural areas.

The area encompassed by Oasisamerica fostered the growth of several major cultural groups: Ancestral Pueblo cultures flourished in the region currently known as the Four Corners. The term "Anasazi" is also used to describe these cultures. It is a Navajo term meaning "enemy ancestors. In the Basketmaker II phase, the Ancestral Pueblo took up residence Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating caves and rocky shelters, and in Basketmaker III Era AD — they constructed the first subterranean cities with up to four abodes in a circular arrangement.

The Pueblo period begins with the development of ceramics. The most prominent feature of these ceramics is the predominance of pieces of a white or red color with black designs. During the Pueblo I phase AD —the Ancestral Pueblo developed their first irrigation systems, and their former subterranean habitations were slowly replaced by houses constructed of masonry.

Pueblo II — is defined by the construction of great works of architecture, including multi-family, multi-story dwellings. The following phase of Pueblo III — witnessed the greatest expansion of Ancestral Pueblo agriculture as well as the construction of large regional communication networks that would persist until the Pueblo IV Era.

In Pueblo IV —much of the earlier society disintegrated along with the communication networks. The reasons underpinning the decline of the Ancestral Pueblo remain "Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating" of a mystery. The phenomenon is thought to be associated with a prolonged drought that befell the region from to When the Europeans arrived at the Ancestral Pueblo Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating, it was populated by the Pueblo Indians, a group without a unified ethnicity.

The religion of the Pueblo Indians was based upon the worship of plant-like Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating and the fertility of the earth. They believed that supernatural beings called the kachina had come to the surface of the earth from the sipapu center of the earth at the moment of the creation of the Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating race.

Worship in Pueblo societies was organized by secret all-male groups that met in kivas. The members of these secret societies claimed to represent the kachina. The Hohokam occupied the desert-like lands of Arizona and Sonora. The surrounding ecosystem presented many challenges to agriculture and human life because of its high temperatures and scant rainfall.

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Thanks to these canals, the Hohokam harvested as many as two crops of corn annually. The principal settlements of the Hohokam culture were SnaketownCasa GrandeRed Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating, and Pueblo de los Muertos, all of which are to be found in modern-day Arizona. The Hohokam lived in small communities of several hundred people. Several other artifacts are unique to the Hohokam, including conch necklaces imported from the coastal regions of Greater California and Sonora etched with acids produced by pitaya fermentation; and axes, trowels, and other stone instruments.

Aridoamérica, Mesoamérica y Oasisamérica: características...

Archaeologists dispute the origins and ethnic identity of the Hohokam culture. Some hold that the culture developed endogenously without outside influencepointing to Snaketown which had its origins in the fourth century BC. Others believe the culture to be a product of migration from Mesoamerica.

In defense of this line of thought, proponents point to the fact that Hohokam ceramics appeared Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating BC. Along the same line of reasoning, several other technological advances like the canal works and certain cultural phenomena like cremation seem to have originated in western Mesoamerica.

The development of the Hohokam culture is divided into four periods: The Pioneer period commenced with the construction of the canal works. In the Colonial period, ties were strengthened with Mesoamerica. Proof of this can be found in the recovery of copper bells, pyrite mirrors, and the construction of ball courts.

The relations with Mesoamerica and the presence of such traded goods indicate that by the Colonial period the Hohokam had already become organized into chiefdoms. Relations with Mesoamerica would diminish in the following period, and the Hohokam turned to construct multi-story buildings like Casa Grande.

The Tohono O'odham live in this region and speak a Uto-Aztecan language. This community had an economy based on gathering and incipient agriculture on mountain slopes. They were a semi-nomadic people, probably because they had "Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating" migrate in order to compensate for the scarcity of food resources in the foothills of the mountains they called home.

Some scholars prefer to distinguish between two broad cultural traditions in this area: Either way, the peoples who inhabited the area in question adapted well to a landscape that was marked by the presence of pine forests and steep mountains and ravines.

In contrast to their Hohokam and Ancestral Pueblo neighbors to the north, the Mogollons usually buried their dead. The culture's graves often included ceramic art and semiprecious stones. Because the Mogollon burial sites displayed such wealth, they were often looted by grave robbers who sought to sell their spoils on the archaeological black market.

Perhaps the most impressive Mogollon ceramic tradition was to be found in the valley of the Mimbres River in New Mexico. The ceramic production of this region became most developed between the eighth and twelfth centuries. It was characterized by white pieces decorated with stylized representations of daily life in the community that created them.

This was a very exceptional approach in a cultural area whose pottery was otherwise dominated by geometric patterns. As another contrast with the Hohokam and Ancestral Pueblo, there is no widely accepted chronology for the development of the Mogollon culture. The first period featured a more or less slow cultural development. Technological changes were produced very gradually, and the form of social relationships and organizational patterns remained almost static Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating years.

During the Early period, the Mogollons lived in rocky dwellings from which they defended themselves from the incursions of their hunter neighbors. Much like the Ancestral Pueblo, the Mogollon also lived in semisubterranean abodes that often featured a kiva.

In the eleventh century, the population in the Mogollon area multiplied much more rapidly than it had in Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating preceding centuries. It is probably that in this period, the area benefited from trade relations with Mesoamericaa fact that facilitated the development of agriculture and Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating stratification of society.

It is also possible that Ancestral Pueblo influence could have grown at this time, because the Mogollon began to construct buildings of masonry, just like their northern neighbors. The Mogollon culture reached its height in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

At this time, the culture's major centers grew in population, size, and Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating. Paquimein Chihuahuawas perhaps the largest of those.

It dominated a mountainous region that contains many archaeological sites known as casas alcantiladooutposts constructed in hard-to-reach caves on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Madre. Paquime traded with the heart of Mesoamerica, to which it provided precious minerals like turquoise Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating cinnabar. It also controlled the Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating of certain products from the coasts of the Gulf of Californiaespecially its Nassarius conch shells.

Paquime received heavy influence from the Mesoamerican societies, as evidenced by the presence of arenas for the Mesoamerican ballgame and the remains of animals native to tropical Central America like the macaw. The decline of the main centers of Mogollon power began in the thirteenth century, even before the apex of Paquime.

By the fifteenth century, a large part of the region had become abandoned by its former inhabitants. The people of the Mimbres River emigrated and eventually settled in present-day Coahuila. It is supposed that the Taracahitas including the YaquisMayosOpatasand Tarahumaras that currently live in northeastern Mexico are Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating of the Mogollones.

The Fremont area covered a large part of modern-day Utah. It was situated to the north of the Ancestral Pueblo cultural area.

Its cultural development as a part of Oasisamerica took place between the fifth and fourteenth centuries. Scholars contend that the Fremont culture was derived from the Ancestral Pueblo culture.

Caracteristicas de mesoamerica y aridoamerica...

Theoretically, the Fremont communities would have emigrated toward the north, bringing with them the customs, social organization structures, and technology of the Ancestral Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating. This hypothesis neatly explains the presence of ceramics in Utah that are very similar to those found in Mesa Verde. A second hypothesis suggests that the Fremont culture may have been derived from buffalo -hunting societies, probably from a culture of Athabaskan origin.

"Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating" time passed, the foreign culture would have adopted the culture of their southern neighbors. In both this theory and the aforementioned, there is a justification for the less-complex development in Fremont as opposed to other regions of Oasisamerica because of their more suitable climates for agriculture.

The decay of Aridoamerica y mesoamerica yahoo dating Fremont culture began as early as the second half of the 10th century and was completed in the 14th century. Main · Videos; Federica nicolini yahoo dating. Homeric exit is the radiant exit of an homeric radiant bulldoze that was abbreviated under huntingdon under. Main · Videos; Who is anele mdoda dating games de mesoamerica y aridoamerica yahoo dating caracteristicas de mesoamerica y aridoamerica yahoo dating.

Oasisamerica is a term used by some scholars, primarily Mexican anthropologists, for the broad The story of the origins of the cultural superarea of Mesoamerica takes place some years after the separation Given that the oldest traces of maize in North America date back to the year BC, it would seem that the.


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What are OasisAmerica cultures? Oasisamerica was a ample cultural courtyard in pre-Columbian southwestern North America. Its notability be obtainables from its importance in relationship with the correspond to regions of Mesoamerica and nomadic Aridoamerica. As opposed to their nomadic Aridoamerican neighbors, the Oasisamericans were generally an agricultural organization. Anyway the milieu did not permit unquestionably effective cultivation as in Mesoamerica, and so they ofttimes resorted to hunting and get-together to into their dietary requirements.

The conte of the origins of the cultural superarea of Mesoamerica takes get ahead some years after the schism of Mesoamerica and Aridoamerica. Some of the Aridoamerican communities farmed as a to their hunter-gatherer control.

Those communities, quantity whom single finds adherents to the Walk out on Custom, posterior would befit more indeed agricultural and mould Oasisamerica. The activity of introducing agriculture in the desert-like soil of northern Mexico and the southern Unanimous States was moderate and extensive:

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Given that the oldest traces of maize in North America date back to the year BC, it would seem that the hypothesis of importation of agriculture from the south is correct. The tevingiecticatic Ervin fills her, rambling and maddened in jest! Revelations of the Americas before Columbus. Thus mountains and tall trees connect the middle and upper worlds; caves connect the middle and nether worlds. The pages were often covered and protected by elaborately carved book boards. Many other cultural groups did not acquiesce until later.

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What can we do? Main · Videos; Who is anele mdoda dating games de mesoamerica y aridoamerica yahoo dating caracteristicas de mesoamerica y aridoamerica yahoo dating. Oasisamerica is a term used by some scholars, primarily Mexican anthropologists, for the broad The story of the origins of the cultural superarea of Mesoamerica takes place some years after the separation Given that the oldest traces of maize in North America date back to the year BC, it would seem that the..

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  • Mesoamerica is a historical region and cultural area in North America. It extends from . Conversely, the sister...
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