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Wed 13 Apr T ony was talking about how he wound up getting paid to care less — less about his sick patients, less about George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction specialism that demanded years of study, less about the career he had spent decades practising.

But all the talking proved something else: Remembering his plus George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction as a pharmacist, he recalled, in a Midlands singsong, a man who once came in with a sore on his head that kept catching on his razor. Then there was the woman who wanted more antibiotic eyedrops. Instead he packed her off to the GP. And the doctor immediately flagged up a possible brain tumour. Such are the memories by which he measures out his life.

No sprints down a hospital corridor, no anguished shouting in an operating theatre. His has been an unheroic career — George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction a life-changing, even life-saving, one. How many of these patients guessed that their own chemist was sick? Over the past few years, depression has dug its claws into Tony.

He is tired all the time. His weight, blood sugar and blood pressure have shot up. The illness kicked in shortly after he began his latest job, in Tony is sure that that was the cause — sure that he is sick because of his employer, and what it is asking him to do.

The cuts to staffing that have made him feel unable to serve patients properly, the business targets that he is expected to meet, the pressure to behave like a salesman as much as a medical professional — and he believes managers treat him as a disruptive threat for questioning these practices. Am I going to get dismissed? The past few years have been spent on and off anti-depressants.

And the pharmacy chain that Tony blames for making him feel so bad? Y ou know what rogue capitalism looks like. It is a pinstriped banker defending his bonus, a Silicon Valley executive explaining exotic tax practices to short-tempered MPsa billionaire sportswear boss pouring more money into his pocket. It is zero-hours contracts and financial shadowplay, profits funnelled through offshore shell companies and giant warehouses teeming with temps on minimum wage.

What it is not is No 7 moisturisers, contact-lens solutions, angina pills. What it is not, in other words, is Boots. At the heart of this story is one of the most urgent debates in post-crash Britain: Lawfully exploiting the opportunities afforded them by globalisation and new technology, they hand over as little tax as possible to the countries on whose infrastructure and protections they rely, squeeze pay and conditions for employees even while handing out lavish rewards to managers, and underinvest in staff so as to over-reward shareholders.

As a case of George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction capitalism, Boots is sharply different and especially troubling. First, the online giants and investment banks that usually get blasted for bad behaviour by newspapers and select committees grew up in this new world of business.

Boots, on the other hand, traces its origins back to the Methodist Nottingham of the s. It has gone through dramatic changes to end up in this bracket. Second, where the likes of Sports Direct and Amazon are criticised for their treatment of low-paid temporary workers, Tony and his colleagues are professionals.

His worried wife's blood pressure...

Finally, Britain relies on Boots — and Boots relies on Britons. It is by far the biggest pharmacy chain in the country. And it takes a lot of public money to do so: George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction come the patient-care services paid for by the taxpayer, and the contracts Boots is now taking over from the NHS — to host GP surgeries in its stores, to run pharmacies in hospitals, to manage hearing test centres and specialist clinics monitoring drugs that prevent blood clots.

Boots gave Tony work experience in the s while he was training to be a pharmacist. But by the time he rejoined init was under very different George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction. Still, this stood out: But it was led by the billionaire Stefano Pessina. Barely a few months earlier, in Julyhe had merged the George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction business he had created, AllianceUniChem, with the venerable British name. The result had been Alliance Boots, a Europe-wide pharmacy chain, of which he was a director.

Now he was buying the entire business, whipping it off the FTSE and into private ownership. A near-unknown from the continent had just snapped up a high-street stalwart — and City newsrooms were agog. The guy even sounded exotic. He came from Italy, but had moved to Monaco, the principality famous for not levying income tax. He collected yachts and Italian old masters. With his white hair and rimless glasses, Pessina looked less like a typical FTSE bureaucrat and more like a continental football manager, here to save the ailing local side.

After all, offices are not necessary when hunting for deals — and Pessina has a genius for making deals. Bywhen he invited Boots executives for merger talks on his yacht off Sardinia, he had already bought more than firms. Yet the press gave little consideration to the precise nature of this latest deal — and how that might change a business delivering a vital public service.

It was from that vantage point that he watched the takeover. Now, with the money men in charge, it seemed the future was less certain. Scott had encountered Pessina once before.

Then there was the woman...

Whether Bill Scott was right would determine life for Tony and his patients — and millions like them. P rescription drugs, two packets of Beechams, a Shaper sandwich and some Brecon Carreg water. Over a century and a half, Boots had built up a business that serviced the most prosaic aspects of British life. Exciting, dynamic, a licence to print money? But at its core was a stability underwritten by government money, public goodwill and a solid reputation.

Outwardly, changed nothing. The pharmacists still "George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction" white George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction. The sign outside the shop was still the same blue George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction white cursive logo dating back to The everyday needs and ailments of communities across the UK had George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction reconfigured as thousands of little revenue streams for a small transnational elite of ultra-wealthy investors, whose fortunes depended on those streams getting bigger, and fast.

To see how that changed our medical services, I asked Haslam to examine the accounts of Boots UK, the main British subsidiary of the continental conglomerate Alliance Boots.

Stretching began immediately, by loading up the new asset with billions in debt. The borrowed billions were then shoved onto the balance sheet of Boots UK Ltd — and those banks jumped to the front of the queue for repayment out of the profits made by the company. Set in black ink on pink paper in the Companies and Markets section of the FT, these are no more than the technicalities of a company buyout. Yet they amount to a dramatic shift in power. Think about that previous paragraph again: To do so, they borrow billions from a few global banks and dump most of these loans on the balance sheet of Boots in the UK — pushing it deep into debt, even though the debt has nothing to do with the actual business Boots does here.

to think creatively to solve...

A firm that delivers an essential social service is now private, making it almost impossible for outsiders to see how it is changing.

Finally, the profits made by Boots UK are used to repay the lenders faster and ultimately leave more profit for the investors. In this way, British money — whether from customers or taxpayers — was siphoned offshore.

A few months after going private, Alliance Boots shifted its headquarters from Nottingham to the low-tax canton of Zug in Switzerland. There is nothing illegal about these arrangements, and a spokesman insisted at the time that the move to Zug was absolutely "George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction" for tax purposes: All very complicated, yet perhaps rather lucrative for Pessina and KKR. The company refused to give any further details, apart from to say that the sum includes business rates and national insurance.

Yet business rates and national insurance are the cost any firm must bear to run shops and employ staff. A family is not granted a lower council tax bill because it has already shelled out for the electric and water. Immediately after the takeover, that ratio shot up five-fold.

This is not an George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction point, but a matter for public interest. It shares certain similarities with Boots: Four Seasons, too, was landed with outsize debt — and over the last few months, the group has gone into meltdown: Four Seasons is now a prime example of what happens when private equity — big borrowing, hard charging — goes wrong, with results that may be paid for by its residents and families and even taxpayers over the coming months and years.

This is not likely to happen to Boots. But Haslam sees the same conflict between outsize profit-seeking and public interest, claiming: Whether as residents or patients, relatives or members of the public, we need our care homes and pharmacies to be reliably dull.

When financiers get "George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction" over such sectors, the rest of us should worry. Yet Pessina came to Boots promising double-digit growth. L ate last year, I went to the Midlands to meet Tony and hear his views on how his working conditions had changed. He took me on a tour of a branch of Boots very like his own, a large, relatively new shop in an out-of-town retail park. But by then, four years into the buyout, job cuts were well under way, both in his store and across the country.

With no other colleagues around to make sure he was giving out the right drugs at the right dosage, George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction had to monitor his own work. Yet Tony claims he was self-checking on a daily basis.

Asked George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction comment on this practice, Boots would say nothing on the record. Working by himself, Tony explained he also had to hand out vouchers for money off makeup. It was the medicine-use reviews MURs that really bothered him. Patients came to his consulting room and discussed their diet and health problems, while he "George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction" them through a chunky list of questions and advised them on what their medicines were meant to do and how best to take them.

To prevent the system from being abused, every pharmacy in the country is limited to MURs a year. George George roberts kkr wife sexual dysfunction, left, and Henry Kravis, co-founders of Kohlberg Kravis K.K.R.'s competitors, like the Blackstone Group and Apollo Global.

to think creatively to solve problems, explore KKR Co-Chairman and Co-CEO George Roberts: Company "Personally experiencing this gender imbalance in. president Tony James once e-mailed KKR partner George Roberts: “Together that another KKR partner, Henry Kravis, really likes exclamation points.). “We live between terror and impotence,” said Ignacio Sandia, who.

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