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Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction


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Finally, where are you in the game itself? Discordians should check out the Unofficial Gearbox Discord Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction well. What's this all about? How did this change Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction TPS? Gibbed, Cheat Engine, etc. Not that we're bitter or anything. Peoples' sexualities in Borderlands self.

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Out of curiosity, what are the sexualities of the characters from Borderlands based on Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction recordings and whatnot?

My friend and I were discussing how many of the people in the series were either bi or gay I'd like to add, Tannis is "strangely attracted" to Maya. So who knows where that comes from. He's made several creepy comments about his double in the presequel. The double, does not seem to feel the same way in return. His double regrets taking the job almost. However, Jack has more than enough money to inspire someone to sleep with him. I don't think she's attracted to him, I think she just looks up to him partly since he was the only person she can really talk to without shooting blood out of her nose.

Being a straight male does not prevent me from recognizing quality specimens of man, just means I don' want to sleep Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction them. Tannis was also in a relationship with her ECHO recorder, so I don't know that she's sane enough to really have an orientation.

Does Tannis seem like the kind of person who would hunt down and kill an assassin way out on a tropical island? Rose, the little girl from the Concordia People's Front appears to be gay. She talks about her girlfriend Gaby sp? Shank, Moxxi's second husband, is at least bi.

A curated/researched collection of information...

In Borderlands, he keeps talking about his "bitch" Chaz. I hate to kill Belly because of how adorable it is when he says "Nothin'.

Couldn't Rose just have been saying girlfriend as in friend? I know a couple of girls who used to do this in high school and middle school. Well, doesn't she call Gabi her ex, though? "Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction" it more explicitly a romantic type of girlfriend. You could be right. Given how loose the writers are with everyone's sexuality I could see it could go either way. Yeah, but Belly also immediately follows that song up with "Hmm I read the Belly and Red echo as him finding the song written by some of Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction scavs, hence 'that's wrong' like a sort of 'wait what?

What makes you think that? It sounds like he's just mindlessly singing to himself, not reading something.

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Due to how he pauses between bits, it felt to me like he found it written somewhere and is reading it with his rudimentary reading skills. Hence why Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction cuts when he gets to the kissing part, rather than be cut when the other asks him what's he's doing.

That said, it's just how I understood it. A more singing version Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction Claptrap's own in that mission where you get some echos about each hunter for Jack, on Helios.

Where he starts singing like 'Jack and Nisha, sitting in a tree. K-I-Z-Z- my spelling algorythms were replaced by weapon programs. I think we could safely assume that Lilith is straight being that she dated Roland and any woman who dates another woman in this series states it. Big, freaky, glowy, big-handed, handy thing-monster! Idle in Lilith's mission menu in BL2 long enough and she'll ask "Sooo Moxxi said anything about me? That line made me love Nisha I also like how it starts innocently enough, but increases to full on flirting further in the story.

Sometimes I really needed to do a double Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction like "wow, did she just say what I thought she said? At the rate we're going if BL: TPS is anything to go by in Borderlands 3 every character will walk around carrying a huge glowing rainbow neon sign listing their same-sex partners by name and cup size.

Every NPC in the zone will stop whatever they're doing in order Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction perform the safety dance in giant glowing rainbow congo line that snakes around to form the shape of the interlocking gay pride symbol.

You get an upvote Not because you're right, or I agree with you. But because you made me laugh. Yeah that's called confirmation bias. You only hear the ones that state it, so you assume the ones that state it are the entirety of the Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction. Maybe everyone in the Borderlands universe is bisexual, and many of them simply do not state it? You have no idea. Okay yeah not everyone is bi, that's clear with characters like Janey. But you don't know a character's sexuality that doesn't state it.

By that logic, you'd assume at least half would also state that they're straight, or that at least half of the characters would say nothing at all. I mean, yeah, gay is okay! I get it, Anthony Birch! You know real gay people don't run around yelling at you about how gay they are, right? I actually tweeted to anthony burch once, the lead writer for borderlands. Athena was pretty much asexual, then it's pretty heavily hinted she has a thing with Springs her convo with Tinaso not Athena.

Gaige has a line in the Valentine's DLC about how she finds Hammerlock attractive but she knows he's gay. In the same line she also mentions that none of the boys in school wanted to hang out with her because she was too nerdy.

So if I'm not mistaken, Gaige is straight. Hold on, we're going to have to get Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction some pushpins and red string and diagram this entire thing If we assume that list from the devs is legit, it would imply Krieg is at least bi. If that means it as the man he Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction to be, or being psycho makes you not really care for gender, it's up for debate. I have yet to reach that point in TVHM, but man, Springs gets some chicks in the game, Athena, and that girl you rescue.

Ellie remarks about you being hot or something, regardless of who you are, kind of like her mother, she did feel bi to me, she just seems to be a 'free love' girl that would be fine with any gender.

Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction it implied that Athena goes out with Springs at some point? I seem to remember reading that somewhere. In TVHM Athena's nested narrative is co commentated by Tina who asks something along the lines of, "did you ever hang out with that Springs lady? If you know what I mean. I bet you did. Come on high five. I thought she pretty much went silent and refused to answer that? I don't remember the exact recording word-by-word though.

She doesn't verbally respond. There's a delay between Tina asking and the quiet sound of a high five. It's almost certainly not an all inclusive list, and they're not in any particular order. I wouldn't say that too loudly, given that there's stuff in-game that is non-canon already.

Which has been stated by the lead writer to be non-canon. There's a difference between things that are in the game as gameplay mechanics, and things that Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction directly stated by the lead writer when asked about them. Wilhelm is probably straight or doesn't bother based off of the exchange between him and Janey. "Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction" like he gets shot down a lot off screen.

He Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction a robosexual. He thought the eye during "Lets build a robot army" was "hot". /r/Borderlands2 accepts non-text posts.

Axton is bi; Torgue is bi; Maya is asexual because religion; Janey Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction is Maya left that cult though.

changes genders at a certain point in the life cycle in order to "Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction." The following is a list of video games with gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender characters.

Tiny Tina, Lesbian, Tiny Tina confesses that she likes Maya and asks if she likes her in turn.

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Athena and Janey Springs, Lesbian, In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel "Maya borderlands 2 asexual reproduction" the Asexual · Bisexual · Heterosexual · Homosexual. For Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic it's nice they took the bug from Axton's Maya specific quote and rolled with it.

Nah, plenty of things in nature are asexual and can reproduce.

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