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Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, affects one in three adults in America, the majority of who are aged 65 years or over. The systolic blood pressure Sportmassage goes to the pressure in the arteries during a heart beat and the diastolic blood pressure is the pressure in the arteries in between heart beats.

Sportmassage goes

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It is normal for individuals to experience high blood pressure during exertion. Hypertension often goes unnoticed, as no apparent outward symptoms are associated with the disease.

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Many lifestyle factors contribute to hypertension, including cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of regular exercise, an unhealthy diet and being overweight.

Antihypertensive drugs are the primary Sportmassage goes for hypertension and oftentimes, multiple drugs are used to achieve a final satisfactory blood pressure reading.

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Quitting cigarette smoking, reducing alcohol intake, regular exercise, changing unhealthy dietary habits, Sportmassage goes reducing body weight may help hypertension that is caused by lifestyle factors. Adults with hypertension should aim to reduce their experience of stress in order to prevent rises in blood pressure. For this reason, massage can be beneficial for hypertension.

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A study in the effects of myofascial trigger-point massage therapy for people with hypertension showed that significant decreases in both diastolic and Sportmassage goes blood pressure resulted following massage. The study, conducted by Delaney, J. A study conducted by Hernandez-Reif, M.

The subjects in this study were provided with 10 minute massage sessions over the course of five weeks. The subjects, all of who suffered from hypertension, experienced reduced blood pressure, reduced feelings of depression, less hostile behavior, and reduced levels of cortisol in their urine and salivary samples. Hernandez-Reif concluded that massage for hypertension may be beneficial to Sportmassage goes diastolic blood pressure and lessen the symptoms associated with hypertension.

Research by Boone, T. Scholastica in Duluth, USA, supports the findings of the aforementioned studies.

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