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My wife and our naked friend hooking up

Nude gallery My wife and our naked friend hooking up.

This happened about two years ago. I was a freshman girl in college, and I already met a big group of friends. We all had only known each other a few months, as we were in our second semester. The last Saturday before finals began we decided to rent a cheap cottage on the beach to party. Everyone arrived late afternoon on Saturday. Including myself there were eight of us. Six guys, two girls.

Rachel and I had never hooked up with any of the guys in our group before, and we really never talked about it. Because of this, most of the guys in the group flirted with Rachel more. They would occasionally call me cute, adorable, etc.

So we drank, talked, and danced a little until about 10 p. I was so drunk I broke out of my shy and quiet shell, and was instead loud and making jokes.

None of my friends had seen me like this and they were all having a blast. My friend Jake suggested we play flip cup. Without thinking, I blurted out asking what the losing team had to do. Everyone kinda paused, then my other friend Mike shouted that the losers had to play the next game in their underwear. Even though I was drunk, I hesitated at the thought of being in my underwear around all my guy friends.

No one spoke up, so it was agreed upon, to my reluctance.

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There were three guys on each team—and Rachel and I on opposite teams, so it was four on four. The game came right down to the last person, but sadly we lost. As soon as the other team finished, they started to chant: I took my top off at first, and every guys face went straight to my boobs. Then came the pants.

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One of the guys told me to sit on the couch so he could pull them off for me. Already embarrassed, I sit down. Soon there are three guys yanking and pulling the legs of my pants, while another guy tries pulling my pants off from the waist.

After a little bit of a struggle they came off.

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Now imagine laying down on a couch with both legs in the air, and being completely bottomless. Well, that was me. One of the guys shouted something like, oh my God, she lost her underwear!

Meanwhile my friend Rachel was dying, laughing at how funny the situation was. The night went on, and because I had been drinking more, I basically had forgotten about what had happened.

I even started to laugh about it.

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