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Are chad and hayley still dating after 3


If you feel lost, need help, or just feel lonely, welcome to this subreddit. You've found your friends. Feel free to post anything or PM the mods. Laugh til we cry. Hayley and Chad are breaking up. I'm locking this thread because we already said everything we needed to say about this situation. From now on, every thread on this topic will be removed. As Are chad and hayley still dating after 3 as she doesn't see this thread.

All of us should put ourselves in her and Chad's shoes: It would be devastating. I can't think of anything less supportive than what so many people are doing here. I feel like the new Fader interview was incredibly well-timed with this. She deserves happiness and I hope this situation didn't convince her that she can't find a lifelong love. I honest to god think that T is her only exception even if she doesn't realize it.

He's been there for her from the start, and has always stuck by her side regardless of any given situation. There's a likely chance they won't end up together, but I just hope that she knows that.

They have an incredibly special bond, that's for sure. I'm not going to speculate about the possibility of a romantic relationship not saying that I have a problem with anyone who does, hahabut I've seen few people with such a pure and loving in a platonic sense at least relationship. They make each other happy and they create together. "Are chad and hayley still dating after 3" a beautiful thing: A tiny part of me would feel so complete if they ended up together but I know that it probably isn't in them to do so.

They're platonic friends and they probably don't want to ruin it for all it is. I just hope Hayley will rise from the dark soon. She doesn't deserve all this depressing things. Yeah, there's such a risk with making a friendship romantic. I just hope whatever they do makes them both equally happy: In a way, I'd rather them not. I think it'd be awesome for their legacy if, 50 years from now when people are reading about Paramore, that there was a guy by Hayley's side throughout the band's entire career that was a close friend to her, without having anything else possibly in mind.

I Are chad and hayley still dating after 3 see Taylor going down as a great friend to her.

I'd say there's no way that'll happen. I could see Zac and Hayley for sure because hay seems newer and they seem incredibly similar in taste and stuff Are chad and hayley still dating after 3 never Taylor and her, they're like brother and sister it seems. It's best they never explore that together. My best friend and I crossed that line and she changed her mind and it's honestly ruining my life.

They are better off staying friends. I honestly think they've been separated for a little while now like before Paramore left for tour and it seemed like they were splitting their time with alf so it'll probably stay that way. Just an old saying about cheaters; I don't think it's from anything, or at least, I wasn't intentionally referencing anything. Chad was always a shady figure to me.

Then they broke up. Can I say I called this? However, hopefully Hayley comes out of this better. And what exactly is that look?

I can't believe how disrespectful people here are being. No blame was made in the statement which was from both if them. Do you think over in the NFG forums theyre saying "fuck hayley she was no good". I've never been a fan of Chad.

Then after he cheated on her any respect I had left for him was gone. Glad Hayley got out. The alleged person has deleted their Twitter, and made their instagram private. Might not be a coincidence. Possibly, which is why I said maybe. Depends on which scenario is the most likely. Based on what I've seen and read, it's hard to doubt cheating as a possibility.

Anyway, I'm not diving into it any further than this. Difficult situation for her, and it could end up being for something completely different and it's ultimately their business.

It really isn't any of our business, but sadly you are wrong on the it being unconfirmed part. The Dupree family has been pretty open about the fact that he cheated on Sherri with Haley.

People are going to make it their business whether it is or not. People are going to be interested in their relationship. I mean it isn't only that way with them. If you think about it. People are fully invested in celebrities lives.

I'm not looking into it like some crazy fan who wants to know all about a celebrity's life. Its none of my business. The music is great. I can't believe you're being downvoted for saying peope should mind their own business. Did these people not read the statement? Hayley said it in a very nice way Because don't forget, she also asked we respect him too. Not that she should need to ask. We all know something - what they've let on in Are chad and hayley still dating after 3 etc - but don't make a mistake: Ya know, lyrics don't always have to mean what you think.

Why not leave it their business and enjoy the art? No one's trying to shame you into anything, I think some of us are just trying to highlight some of the things that Hayley said in her statment:.

I've followed them too since I've related to a lot of their stuff including AL. I relate to the lyrics a lot too, with the past year I've had.

Paramore singer Hayley Williams wrote...

But my husband never cheated. Lyrics about a problem in your relationship doesn't always mean cheating. But as I said, either way, it isn't any of our business and she's asked for it not to be our business. If you respect her, respect her wishes. People are always desperate to provide a structure and dramatic reasoning to things like this so it's more clear cut and makes sense, and let's be honest, it's just so fitting and more poetic if Hayley is "Are chad and hayley still dating after 3" tragic victim in the story of the split so people will just push the Cheating thing as fact regardless of proof.

I'm not saying Hayley is undeserving of sympathy at all but in terms of her persona the fans will just eat up the idea of her being as much of a victim as possible in this.

I just don't give cheaters a chance in general.

Paramore singer Hayley Williams wrote...

He's proved exactly my point. Like take for example Hayley for a random scenario, I could have her begging for a relationship with me but if she's cheated before I'd just walk away.

4 days ago Hayley Williams...

Just not worth the shit that comes with it and not knowing if they'd do it again. Every cheater I've ever known Are chad and hayley still dating after 3 been a serial cheater. Monogamy just isn't for some people apparently. I know a guy that somehow manages to get with solid 10's constantly but ends up cheating on them within days.

This is about the 5th time he's done it. Don't know why you'd go into a relationship, just sleep around Well, that in itself is super common and I'd say not weird at all if both are consenting adults. What is weird however is that they started when she was 18, barely legal and had been a big fan of NFG.

It would've been so easy for Chad to manipulate that situation and Hayley was young and naive and around someone she looked up to. It just reeks of shadiness. Even the line in pool that says "you are the wave I could never tame," just shows that she had hoped it would be different with her but in the end he was still the same. Yeah, I see your point, definitely wouldn't trust him after that fact.

Sort of poor judgement on her part, but it's not my place to comment on details. Hate to be this person, but I'm happy about it. RELATED: Inside Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert's Rock 'n' Roll Wedding “ The two of us have been together for the better part of 10 years.

Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert announced they were separating after a year of marriage and 10 years together. After being together for nearly a decade, Paramore singer Are chad and hayley still dating after 3 Williams and her husband Chad Gilbert have split up. They explained that they're still close friends, but the outcome of their marriage wasn't what they had.

man, i really feel for...
CITYBEAT DATING QUOTES If you feel lost, need help, or just feel lonely, welcome to this subreddit. Are chad and hayley still dating after 3 91 Are chad and hayley still dating after 3 Mlp dating sim fluttershy crying Are chad and hayley still dating after 3 951

Williams, 28, and Gilbert, 36, married in February after nearly eight years stable and floor a year of being engaged. Confederation is not for the faint of heart. Make out is an absolute endanger. Even in spite of situations commensurate these can feel defeating. We transfer continue to encourage and support each other privately and professionally. Williams and Gilbert began dating in , and became affianced when the guitarist proposed on Christmas If you compel ought to opted in for our browser torment notifications, and you would like to opt-out, elect refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser.

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Am i being selfish? RELATED: Inside Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert's Rock 'n' Roll Wedding “ The two of us have been together for the better part of 10 years. man, i really feel for hayley with all of this. when after laughter came out i related a lot to the lyrics in .. load more comments (3 replies) .. Let be real, so many couple break up and say they're still friends just as a formality..

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Dating History Of Hayley Williams !!

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Hayley Williams Calls Chad Gilbert Marriage A Mess

  • Paramore singer Hayley Williams wrote an essay for Paper magazine Paramore's Hayley Williams: I never should have married Chad Gilbert....
  • Hayley Williams Says She Should Never Married Chad Gilbert | Al Bawaba
  • Hayley and Chad are breaking up. : Paramore
  • Hayley Williams and Husband Chad Gilbert Break Up |
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Hayley Williams Says...

She seems super duper nice and having followed NFG for a looooong time, I have never had a great vibe off him. I can't think of anything less supportive than what so many people are doing here. So far as I know. Get push notifications with news, features and more. You just don't do it. I'd say there's no way that'll happen.

Are chad and hayley still dating after 3

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