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Northerner dating a southerner goes


I am a southern girl, born and bred, and I have a secret to tell. I have fraternised with the enemy. I have gone beyond the Yorkshire border, and I have seen the light. I have had a glimpse of what Northerner dating a southerner goes is like on the other side, and yes! I am a southern girl and I am in a relationship with a northerner.

After being in a relationship with my Northern Monkey for over a year, there Northerner dating a southerner goes two things that have become apparent to me. Secondly, the differences between us and them is glaringly present in the quality of our men.

Although when you go up...

After a year of pondering these brain waves I have decided to make a public service announcement to all southern girls: But I cannot ignore the cold hard facts: The first and most obvious reason — to me — is the slow but steady disintegration of good manners in the south. Whatever happened to chivalry?

Letting you have the "Northerner dating a southerner goes" gravy soaked chip?

I am a southern girl...

It cannot be denied that southern men have lost that charm which sets the northerners apart. Northerner dating a southerner goes mention of marriage barely causes a bat of an eyelid. These are genuinely, feasible life goals which would most likely happen before the age of forty.

If one of my close friends mentioned marriage to her Southern Fairy; he would probably set himself alight before jumping off the top of the Shard.

Southerners play Union whilst northerners play League. Let me tell you, if you Northerner dating a southerner goes Rugby Union players were hot, wait until you see the short shorts these Northerner dating a southerner goes players are made to wear.

Somehow, they manage to combine beating each other up, playing a sport and hot-pants into one beautiful game. Take my advice and watch a match. You will be moving to Hull and buying a season ticket before I can say eye candy. It is not only a simple pleasure, but a very real one. Finally, I will touch on a sensitive issue which will peak the interest of every woman across the world, let alone southern England.

Northern men like girls that eat. I am not saying southern men only date food-averse models, but there is indeed a pressure across the south to be thin.

My siblings and I all...

Do you want to know when I fell in love with my northern man? I had a pizza and the rest is history. The north will rise again, Northerner dating a southerner goes we southern lasses should be stood at their side, eating pizza and laughing in the faces of the Fairies that we left down south. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Southerners (whether it's a fair...

Southerners (whether it's a fair assumption or not) have the It's going to take Northerner dating a southerner goes than a splash of rain to ruin a northerner's night out. 10 things southerners do that make northerners want to fight them The age old saying 'it's grim up north' needs to go into retirement and.

Although when you go up north you still sound like you're "not from round Even northern cities have views of rolling hills that southerners can.

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