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The high-profile, mass casualty attacks in France, Belgium, Spain and the UK highlights the current risk of terrorism across Western Europe. In NovemberChancellor Angela Merkel warned that the threat in Germany was high, and security measures were increased following the attacks in Paris. In Aprilthe group called on Muslims to carry out attacks in Germany, with potential targets including the Cologne-Bonn airport. German security forces have also raided several suspected jihadist cells and arrested dozens of people accused of funding and recruiting for the IS.

Although security measures across Germany were significantly heightened, four Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating attacks were reported in the country in July - two of which are believed to be linked to, or inspired by, Salafi-Jihadist groups. On 18 July, an Afghan teenager attacked passengers with an axe Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating a train in Wuerzburg, before he was shot dead by police. Less than a week later, a Syrian asylum seeker blew himself up outside a bar in Ansbach, wounding 15 people.

During the same period, nine people were killed and 15 others were injured when a German-Iranian teenager engaged in a killing spree at a Munich shopping centre.

Most recently in Decembera dozen people were killed and nearly 50 "Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating" were injured when a Tunisian national ploughed a lorry into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin.

Germany has been destabilised recently by the mass influx of migrants who have arrived in the country, mostly from war-torn regions via Turkey, southern and eastern Europe. Inthe country received almostapplications, dropping toin the subsequent year. Among those parties is the Alternative for Germany AfDwhich managed to gain parliamentary seats after garnering around 13 percent of the votes in the federal elections.

Crime levels nationwide Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating relatively low and petty crimes, such as pick-pocketing and bag snatching, are the most likely to affect visitors. In Berlin, a rise in pickpocketing has been recorded in the boroughs of Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. It is widely advisable to exercise standard precaution practices also when travelling to other major cities or frequenting crowded tourist areas and public transportation hubs.

Recent police statistics reports inrevealed a significant increase in the number of politically or ideologically motivated crimes along with violence targeting minority communities. On 16 November, Angela Merkel is to visit Chemnitz, the site of violent far-right protests in August following the murder of Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating German man there by migrants.

There is heightened security and riot control officers are on standby as tensions between far-right and far-left factions remain high. The announcement came just weeks after Merkel announced that she will not seek re-election as leader of the CDU.

Seehofer is reportedly planning to quit his role as the interior minister in January. His decision brings further uncertainty for the Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating coalition, which has been engaged in grievances over a number of immigration policies. Both parties suffered significant losses in last month's regional elections, especially in Bavaria and Hesse. A Berlin court has allowed the far-right group Wir fuer Deutschland WfD to launch a march ahead of the 80th anniversary of the Kristallnacht pogrom.

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The march is expected to start at Demonstrators will march from Washingtonplatz in Berlin government district. Counterprotests are expected to take place throughout the evening.

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The Kristallnacht happened back in "Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating," where German paramilitary troops and civilians deliberately targeted Jewish establishments. Many of them are demanding to know how he was able to kill - with apparent impunity - so many people in the confines of two hospitals. Disturbing details have emerged: Many relatives believe the health authorities chose to turn a blind eye. An investigation is under way to determine whether their actions facilitated the murderous ambitions of post-war Germany's most prolific serial killer.

On 29 October, hundreds of people took to the streets of Freiburg to protest at the alleged gang-rape of a student by a group of eight men, most of them Syrian nationals. The protest was organized by the far-right Alternative for Germany AfDand counter protesters accused them of exploiting the crime to incite anti-immigrant sentiments. Tensions continue to run high in the country after a spate of crimes by foreign nationals, including the murder of a German man at a festival in Chemnitz by Syrian and Iraqi nationals, leading to violent protests.

Hundreds of people marched in the centre of Frankfurt to protest against the Alternative for Germany AfD party, as they prepare to enter the Hesse state parliament for the first time.

Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating party secured around 13 percent of the vote in the state elections, and is now represented in all 16 German state parliaments. She does, however, wish to continue in the post of Chancellor, a role she has held since Her decision comes as her party suffered heavy losses in recent regional elections and further losses in the Hesse elections at the weekend, which have threatened her coalition.

Support for centre parties has waned in the country in recent years, with gains for the far-right AfD and the Greens. Thousands of protesters blocked a railway line leading to a coal mine in Hambach, western Germany on Saturday, "Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating" a bid to disrupt mining operations and prevent the clearing of the nearby Hambach forest to expand the mine. Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating German court is currently considering whether the woodland deserves protected status, while environmentalists also argue that the 12, year-old woods houses a rare type of bat.

The site is run by energy company RWE who say that Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating need to expand the facility to mine lignite, and that they have delayed the felling of trees as long as possible. Protesters have occupied the site for around six years, many of them living in tree-houses, which the police were working Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating remove, until a court banned them from further action following a lawsuit from environmental group BUND.

On 23 October, according to reports, a major armed police operation has been launched across the country against the Lebanese "Miri clan", who are involved in drug trafficking and violent crime. At least four suspects have been "Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating" in raids on residential and commercial properties in Bochum, Essen and Herne as well as Sachsen.

From Monday 22 October until 10 November, rail services between Kelsterbach and Frankfurt Airport FRA will be replaced by a bus service while maintenance work is being carried out. Passengers are advised to leave extra time for their journey. On 19 October Weimar station is on lockdown following the discovery of a AK assault rifle and ammunition in a locker. The station has been evacuated as a precaution. The march will start at Counter demonstrations are expected to take place, converging at Postplatz at Heightened security and traff ic disruption is to be expected.

Individuals in Dresden are advised to avoid the area if possible and to monitor developments and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

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The pair, one British and based in London, and one American national face 30 years in jail, although it is understood that their lawyers intend to appeal the sentence. The LIBOR is is a global rate of interest that banks expect to pay if they borrow from each other, and is used to value trillions of dollars of global financial transactions annually.

The US Justice Department has charged 12 individuals and pursued massive payouts from several banks amid the six-year scandal. Some flights have been diverted Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating of the adverse weather and passengers are advised to consult their airline for further information.

Severin Krasimirov has been extradited to Bulgaria, suspected of the killing of television journalist Viktoria Marinova, whose body was found in a park in her hometown of Ruse on 6 October. Krasimirov, who is a Bulgarian national, was arrested in Germany last week, where he admitted partial guilt to the rape and murder of the year-old woman. Police said that they did not think Marinova's death was related to her work and was more likely Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating be the result of a random sexual crime.

A hostage situation that developed at a pharmacy in Cologne railway station yesterday, was resolved by armed police. Both the hostage and the hostage-taker were injured. The reason for the incident has not been revealed. Travellers are advised to seek information through Deutsche Bahn for updates on local and regional train services, which remain severely disrupted. On 15 October, German authorities Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating that Mounir el Motassadeq had been flown from a Hamburg jail to Frankfurt Airport in preparation for his deportation to Marrakesh.

He had been released shortly before completing his year sentence, on condition that he agreed to be deported to Morocco. If he ever returns to Germany, he will be re-arrested. He has always claimed that, although he helped the Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating pose as students, he did not know what they were plotting.

At least 13 people were affected by a leak of toxic liquids at a factory in Sternenfels near Karlsruhe. A major operation has been launched in the area, but authorities said there was no risk to those outside the building or immediate vicinity.

German authorities Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating ordered car manufacturer Opel to recall aroundvehicles as part of their investigation in emissions irregularities, after police raided the car maker's offices in Hesse.

The company is suspected of using software to manipulate exhaust emissions tests on diesel cars. Deutsche Bahn DB has announced that the main high-speed railway between Frankfurt and Cologne will be closed until the end of the week after a high-speed train caught on fire. The incident happened on Friday when an ICE train was evacuated after suffering a suspected technical failure. DB said that the railway is scheduled to reopen later in the week after repairs. Travellers are advised to follow DB updates throughout the week.

On 15 October, at least 17 people sustained minor injuries when an express train struck a truck at a crossing in Sipplingen, Baden Wurttemberg. The incident happened at around Services between Friedrichshafen and Singen have been suspended and delays and disruption are expected until the afternoon. Rescue operations are ongoing. The reasons for the accident are not known.

A major police operation is underway at Cologne Central Station.

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According to preliminary reports, a male suspect has taken a female hostage, and several shots have been fired. The incident is thought to have started at Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating rail services are temporarily suspended and the public are advised to avoid the area, particularly Breslauer Platz behind the main building. Deutsche Bahn DB has said that the station is completely blocked as delays and disruptions are expected to occur.

The Christian Social Union CSU is to lose its' absolute majority in the state parliament of Bavaria for the first time sincein a disastrous result for Angela Merkel's ally. The Greens surged into second place, and the far-right AfD enter the state parliament for the first time.

The Bavarian result reflects what is happening at national level with the dwindling popularity of the traditional centre-right and centre-left parties. The Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating had hardened its' stance on migration, including disagreeing with Mrs Merkel, but in doing Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating, it may have alienated its' more moderate voters.

The "Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating" is a serious setback for Merkel just months after she formed a fragile coalition with the CSU and the SPD who also suffered huge losses in the area. On 14 October, three people were killed and eight others injured when a light aircraft crashed into spectators at an airfield near Wasserkuppe mountain near Fulda.

On 13 October, overpeople took to Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating streets of Berlin to protest against the rise of far-right populism in Germany, and in Europe in general. A swathe of the capital's centre, from Alexanderplatz to the Victory Column was closed for the duration of the march. All kinds of organizations took part, including NGOs, trade unions, political parties, schools and theatres in a carnaval atmosphere on an unusually warm day for the time of year.

At least 18 "Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating" have been injured, four of them seriously, when a tourist bus crashed into a heavy lorry in Heidelberg on Thursday. The incident happened in the south-western town of Hockenheim, and five rescue helicopters and seven ambulances were at the scene to ferry away the injured.

The nationalities of those affected Sparkasse potsdam mittelmark online dating understood to include Americans, Australians and Canadians. According to witnesses, the bus veered into a neighbouring lane while approaching the ramp on to a major highway, and collided with the truck which was carrying tyres. Marital Status: Single. Hair, Eyes: Auburn, Green.

Build: cm, kg, Average. Education: Post-graduate. Languages: German, English, Italian. The Aquarius has rescued around 29, migrants to date. . Evacuations in Potsdam due to WWII bomb discovery Over 40, households lost internet connection on Sunday in the southwest of Germany, and occurred at aroundthe same time as a Sparkasse bank's alarm was activated.

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