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Naked vagina tumblr

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A History of Pubic Hair Removal Every civilized society in known history saw removal of body hair as necessary for cleanliness.

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To keep the man of the house from fucking the slaves the lady of the house would forbid the slaves from shaving their pussy hair. Removal was often by the easiest method which was using a hot coal to singe the hair back to the skin to insure that body and pubic lice had nowhere to hide or survive. The earliest shaving devices discovered are flint blades possibly dating as far back as 30, BC.

Not only does flint provide an extremely sharp edge for shaving, it also becomes dull rather quickly, making these the Naked vagina tumblr disposable razors. Did prehistoric women shave their pubic hair?

We'll never know, but you can be sure some prehistoric males were urging them to do so. From 4, to 3, BC, women removed body hair with home-grown depilatory creams made from a bizarre combination of such questionable ingredients as arsenic and quicklime.

Copper Naked vagina tumblr appeared around 3, BC in both India and Egypt. The most elaborate razors of prehistory appear around 1, to 1, BC in Scandinavia where Danish Mound Graves yielded razors in leather carrying cases with etched bronze blades and carved handles.

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