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Ps4 headset review uk dating


If you're looking for a new PS4 or Xbox One gaming headset, chances are you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options out there, and it's easy to go wrong because there are a lot to choose from. Make the right choice however, and your headset can be almost as good as a huge surround system and a floor-shaking subwoofer. But do not fear, if you need something that won't wake the neighbors but also provides immersive, high fidelity audio, we're here to help. The best Xbox One and PS4 gaming headsets not only provide top-notch sound, they also let you communicate with others across a variety of multiplayer games especially useful on consoles.

Get a good one and your gaming experience and performance will greatly improve. When you're shopping for the best gaming headsets, be sure to check for premium sound for both Ps4 headset review uk dating and speaking: Also, it's worth bearing in mind, that while the PS4 comes with a headset included in the box unlike the Xbox Oneit's not one we'd recommend as Ps4 headset review uk dating sound quality isn't up to the same standard as the one's included in this buyer's guide.

Plus, if you've got a little extra cash to spare, you can opt for cool features like wireless operation and noise cancellation.

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If you're looking for a new PS4 or Xbox One headset, there are a few factors to consider, with the most important being the type of games you typically play. If you're predominantly a fan of massively multiplayer online games, for example, then comfort should be your number one priority as you'll typically be wearing your headset for long periods. In this case, a wireless headset with a limited battery life, isn't so suitable. On the other hand, if you're a serious fast-twitch ninja with pro-gaming aspirations, you could gain an edge with a high-end, surround sound headset — which can do things like enhancing the noise made by the footsteps of approaching rival players.

It's also important to consider your gaming environment: If you like to play co-operatively in a noisy environment, though, then a headset with a noise-canceling microphone is a must.

Since it focuses on console rather than PC games, we've presumed that you're more likely to use your headset for playing mainstream co-operative and competitive action games, rather than Ps4 headset review uk dating multiplayer games. It's also worth bearing in mind that both the Xbox One and "Ps4 headset review uk dating" 4 have design quirks which can complicate the process of setting up gaming headsets to work with them.

The Xbox One forces you to connect a gaming headset to its controller, and the older Xbox One controllers, annoyingly, don't have 3. On the other hand, PS4 headsets can initially sound quiet, as the headset output level is set to half its full amount by default, which necessitates delving around in its system settings.

HyperX has developed a sizeable following among the pro-gaming community over the years. Its newest headset, the Cloud Revolver S, adds Dolby 7. Quite simply, the Cloud Revolver S sounds astonishingly good, especially at the price.

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You will marvel in particular at the dynamics of its sound: It's pretty well made, comfortable and classily finished, and Dolby 7. A truly high-end-sounding headset at a mid-range price. Turtle Beach is the longest established specialist gaming headset manufacturer, with a fanatical following among pro-gamers — and when you unbox its top-of-the-range Elite Pro, you can see why.

It simply oozes no-expense-spared design, and sports all manner of neat touches born from decades of pro-gaming experience. But more importantly than that, it sounds spectacular, with huge bass and crystal-clear treble adding up to Ps4 headset review uk dating sound which will allow you to get deeply immersed into whatever game you're playing.

Comfort-wise, it's exemplary, with big, thick earpads that eliminate all ambient noise, and can be easily adjusted to fit all head-sizes. A neat feature lets you add spacing to the earpads to accommodate a pair of glasses.

On an Ps4 headset review uk dating One, we'd recommend teaming it up with piece of kit called the Tactical Audio Adapter, which clips into the Ps4 headset review uk dating One controller and operates as an amplifier, adding some of the extra sound-control features which come in a separate graphic equaliser-style box called the Tactical Audio Controller which is pricey but adds Dolby 7. Plus, it lets you independently adjust game and chat volumes.

Add tank-like build-quality to the equation and you have a headset which has become something of a status symbol for those who take their gaming seriously.

2. HyperX Cloud Stinger

LucidSound is a newcomer to the world of gaming headsets, but it has certainly made a splash — that's thanks mainly to its LS40 headset, which has a specification to die for, and build-quality and audio fidelity to match. It looks great too: Wireless headsets often suffer from sound-quality which is inferior to that of wired headsets, but the LS40 has no such problems, with a big, bold sound which should satisfy any gamer. Its wireless seems unburstable, too. What's more, it boasts DTS Headphone: Comfort-wise it's spot-on too, and a USB wireless dongle makes it as easy to set up as any wireless headset inevitably a trickier process than for a wired headset.

The hour battery life is as good as you will find, though its chat and overall volume controls, hidden in each earcup, do take a bit of getting used to.

As with all wireless headsets, you still have to attach one wire to your Xbox One Ps4 headset review uk dating, but we think the LucidSound LS40 is the headset that pretty much has it all. The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is one of the best-sounding headsets you can buy. As such, it's doubly worth considering if Ps4 headset review uk dating use your PlayStation 4 to watch films and listen to music as well as play games.

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Clarity and audio balance are much better than most of the other sets here. It needs to be wired-in though, so this may not be the best choice if you play a few meters away from your PS4. The wireless version may be a better choice. All versions have LEDs around the cups. It may be made for audio perfectionists, but it's still a gamer headset. Read the full review: It might not look like much, but the PlayStation Platinum Wireless is a really solid headset with an exceptional level "Ps4 headset review uk dating" audio quality.

As well as being ludicrously simple to set up, the headset sounds great and is comfortable to wear to boot. The sound quality is balanced, offering a decent mix of low and high frequencies, and people on the other end of the line reported that its microphone delivered a decent level of audio quality.

Our one reservation is regarding the headset's "3D Audio", which fell down slightly compared to what's offered by the competition; but this is made up for the headset's very reasonable price tag. Ps4 headset review uk dating Platinum Wireless headset.

Sure, it makes more extensive use of plastic than headsets which are twice the Ps4 headset review uk dating, but it still looks and feels sufficiently robust, and its overall lightness renders it pretty comfortable for prolonged use. And in the areas that really matter — sound and configurability — the Ear Force PX24 is way better than it has any right to be at the price.

Finding such features, and very decent sound indeed, is a revelation for such a cheap headset. You could quibble about the EarForce PX24's slightly plasticky overall finish, but in our opinion, that's a small price to pay for a great headset at a decent cost.

It looks fabulous, with a sleek design reminiscent of Beats headphones although with much better sound at a fraction of the priceand has also been designed for use as a general on-the-go headphone — it comes with a rubber cover for the boom mic-socket.

Sound-wise, it's great for the price, with clear, well-balanced characteristics across the frequency spectrum, and a bass-boost should you require it.

But battery life is an impressive 20 hours, and it still works albeit with inferior sonic characteristics when the battery runs out. See more Consoles news. The PS4 will work with either, and the Xbox One depends entirely on In our reviews below, we break each headset down by audio quality. 3 days ago Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset Xbox/PS4/PC (£ at Amazon) ASUS ROG Fusion (PS4 / Xbox One / PC) - (£ at uk) – One of the very best wireless You can read our full review here.

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