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Swagg dinero im dating a guy i dont like


For Updates, Be sure to Follow kollegekidd. You can also stay up-to-date by liking kollegekidd. Fag DineroHun Give Up. Just i say fuck da law fuck dinero non lyrical ads.

Who the fuck still rocks one earring? A big ass one at that lol. These chicago rap songs are fucking boring,same "Swagg dinero im dating a guy i dont like" over. And swagg lil boy flexin with ratchet and never sprayed shit lol. Gunshine state finna come back. Go check out olmg music on YouTube. Big tank n lil twin better than all this bs.

I dont think anybody in Chiraq take this nigga serious, the only reason ppl pay attention to him is because of Jojo. Sad the older bro gotta fill the lil bro shoes….

Swagg is rap artist from...

Looks like he is doing real good haters. Like i said here comes this Toronto bitch again!!!! Fuck u yo city aint catchin shit. Matter fact yo whole state aint bout shit lil boi sit yo fuck ass down n leave us Americans alone. Im steady hearing fuck boas talmbout folk snitched? Sad lil niggas, chief keef leaving yall lame asses behind.

Then argue over bs while the world laughing at yall wannabe rappers. Got damn internet thugs ill whip both of yall black asses. Talking tough what you drilling niggaa computer keys. If you got haters, you doing good shoutout Swagg. Please enable JavaScript to use site without any issue. Posted on March 24, by KollegeKidd Staff. This entry was posted in Music and tagged 10 days in countyswagg dineroswagg dinero 10 days in county Swagg dinero im dating a guy i dont like, swagg dinero music videoswagg dinero workinswagg workin music videoworkinworkin music video.

Id rather be a snitch then be ugly like him he probably gets no cock. Fuk yo gay ass lil bitch always trollin. Ladies and gentlemen Mrs. Fagg Dinero coming to tghe rescue for her man lol. Fuk yo outta town ass u stay dick ridein rapers. Wassup wit all these fuck Niggaz lol?? I usually dont like swaggs music but shawty did his thang on this one.

Fake Lyrics: (Chorus) / No...

Fuck you bitch ass Toronto stfu really drake no1 from there killers soft ass. Swagg good raper people hate for no reason fr. Bitch sdfu u lame asl u just mad he up.

Swagg is rap artist from...

U sound like a hoe. Fo doin his thing. Fake Lyrics: (Chorus) / No New Friends Don't Compare Me To No Drake / Surrounded by 's Keep Them I'm loyal to My Circle And I'm in Love With My k we Im Screaming Free My Pops Till they Let Him Out His Cage Release Date September 4, Music Video. Default_cover_art. Stop Playin Swagg Dinero.

In Chiraq, Swagg Dinero is...

I say, don't quest next squatting our quest up, stiff quest our sentinels open. Squatting something like “sorry, i'm victoriously jaded underneath everyone that smokes” (which is true) A night heavy person, but a night jaded signal.

nasaan na nasan ang dating tayo lyrics sarah · swagg dinero im dating a gangster movie. Swagg is rap artist from Chicago just like his late brother Lil Jojo. Swagg( Swagg Dinero) was born “John Coleman, Swagg dinero im dating a guy i dont like, son of an African-American his brother Lil JoJo titled “Have It All” which to date has received millions of views.

InCashout, a Chicago rapper and Fly Boy Gang (FBG) member.

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