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Mandating cna experience before rn


Mark in Jackson Heights, New York said: What about ObamaCare making more demand for nurses? My fatal mistake was that I did not get a job as a CNA during school and now I cannot get hired by "Mandating cna experience before rn." Apparently, hospitals want some pt care experience plus your license and will not give those who do not have BOTH any kind of a chance at all.

I did med transcription for years and this is what I have experience in; it Mandating cna experience before rn all employers care about now is experience. So, after 4 years of school, I am back stuck in the same spot.

It is a shame and a disgrace. Hospitals are already having lots of meetings on this subject and have been for several years. The consensus appears to be, since the new insurance will not pay well, that patients will Mandating cna experience before rn accepted into the hospital but will be discharged even faster than they are now. The first meeting of the day will be to convene and see who can be safely discharged even if they have only been there for 1 day. Of course, hospitals are rolling the dice as to whether they might be liable for discharges that are way too early.

But they have to take their chances or wind up closing their doors eventually. This will mean that these patients will be pushed out into either long term care facilities or home care. Hannah in Riverhead, New York.

Obamacare is why there are no jobs I work Mandating cna experience before rn health but obamacare has killed all the agencies I used to work for 10 but obamacare Mandating cna experience before rn the payments Ive actually had 3 pts who lost home health because medicare stopped reimbursing for alot of things and when they do its at a fraction of what it was.

There were so many agencies asking me to work for them now NONE. No one should get into nursing obama is spending the medicare money even the poor who I worked with have it harder andoabama said it would be better but instead their premiums are higher and their copays have doubled and theyre hurting the most which the poor always does. They say theyre going to help them and now theyve lost so much it impacts their entire life because they live on fixed Mandating cna experience before rn which hasnt been raised in a long time and he is talking Mandating cna experience before rn reducing payments.

And when the poor living in housing the housing takes their raise so they really dont get tyem when they do! Its the poor that pays the cost I'm not so sure that Obamacare is the issue herethe shortage of jobs for nurses has been going on a lot longer than Obamacare has been going on.

Before Obamacare, reimbursements from insurance companies had been decreasing every year, and the number of illegal immigrants getting medical services that they didn't pay for has also increased exponentially. So, facilities are running on skeleton staffing, and working the nurses to death.

Nurses are also not retiring like they used to because they don't know if they can support themselves after they retireso they Mandating cna experience before rn on working, even though they shouldn't be.

Ok now you all have me trying to figure out what to do more than I already was. But was thinking about going back to get my RN. But am I really going to have an issue with getting a job. I thought this was the field to go into UGH!! Nursing isn't the field to go into anymore.

Are you an RN already? Are you thinking about getting your RN degree? My suggestion to you is if you want to go into health careget into a physician's assistant program.

From only accepting nursing applicants...

That is the future of health care. The pre-req's are mainly science-oriented: I don't know of any hospitals that pay for nurses to get their degrees anymore eithersome hospitals used to pay for nurses aides to get their 2 year degree or pay for a 2 year degree nurse to get their BS. I pay my hairdresser more for 2 hours than what I Mandating cna experience before rn paid for 2 hours!!!

I just had back surgery and was accused of HIPPA violations when I accidently caught fraud being condoned the homecare office I worked for. I had to call around forever to find out who to Mandating cna experience before rn it to since they went on the defense to CTA and then tried to scapegoat me.

I have been told the Joint Commission should investigate if I send a letter but I also need to report the other nurses involved. This happened just before my surgery and I can't do the type of nursing I was use to doing anyway but I feel so stuck.

They will come up with the craziest reasons to give shifts to newer nurses who don't know what they are doing or who just think homecare is playing on their computer and getting paid for it or getting extremely personal with the family and coming and going as they please and the company could care less because they just want to get paid for those hours also.

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Mandating cna experience before rn It's getting very bad out there. The corruption in D. I can only hope to get a Dr. A word to the wise for homecare nurses, if you walk into a home and something is just not right report it. If notes are missing, report it. If a nurse was suppose to be there to cover your shift then report it.

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People will do or say anything to not get caught letting these nurses say they are in these homes when they were not. Also I know insinuations that the family will be reported to CPS is also being used as a weapon against the Mandating cna experience before rn if they say anything.

Like in my case I was told straight out "I" was going to jail Mandating cna experience before rn fraud whenever tis nurse was caught. For whatever reason she was being protected. It pays to do your research, I'm a research junkie!!! I was informed that within the next few years the state of California is going to follow suit and it will be mandatory for any Nursing hopeful to complete and pass the CNA Program to enter the Nursing Program.

It's already common knowledge that you must have a min 1yr hospital setting experience before anyone will hire you. I was initially planning on going into the RT program but decided the RN was the better option. I met an RT who regrets not going into the Nursing program instead. Schools don't tell you this until after the second module and then they want you to sign up for their CNA program but you have to pay for it out of pocket!

Tankweti in Pleasant Valley, New York. Come out to Nebraska; rural areas are begging for nurses. Spend a few years with us at Good Samaritan long term care in Alliance, get hands on experience in all facets of nursing and then go back to NY or CA if you still want to.

We'd love to have you look at us! Jaded in Eugene, Oregon. It wouldn't matter if you had a CNA. One of my friends who lives in NY has her Masters and can't get work. People were led to believe there was a Mandating cna experience before rn. There has never been a shortage. If you are young, change professions. No name in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. I am completely depressed about this entire nursing situation. I spent my last dime going to school, student loans are kicking inapplications later, 9 months later after graduation and still nothing.

My husband lost his job this week, we have a 6 month Mandating cna experience before rn baby, what next? Go to school some more? Well that doesn't pay Mandating cna experience before rn bills. Soon, I will have to start working 2 jobs just to make ends meet, probably in some fast food restaurant or something.

Nursing field is a complete let down and waste of time, unless you know someone to get into the field, its worthless. You are going against thousands of applicants, more and more adding to it each graduating semester. Think out of the box?

I received my RN--Associates Degree 2 years ago. I started my own Home Mandating cna experience before rn Agency. Another no namer in Phoenix, Arizona. I would look into pharmaceutical or medical device sales positions.

I have a friend who went thru nursing school only to learn she didn't like it or want to be a nurse. She got into medical sales because of her "nursing" background and she's been doing it now for 5 years. Check it out, what have you got to lose other than your sanity. Holly in Cincinnati, Ohio said: I don't regret going to nursing school, however I'm very scared that I'm not going to be able Mandating cna experience before rn find a job before I have to pay back my student loans.

Not even one call back.

Becoming a certified nursing assistant,...

Everyone wants experience but no one is willing to give it to you. It just really sucks because now I'm stuck as a waitress when I'm much more qualified.

I just feel like a failure and have just been so depressed the past few weeks. I'm not against moving, I think it would even be a fun adventure, but I'm just really scared about "Mandating cna experience before rn" the change and what to do next. Nette in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jenny in Berwyn, Pennsylvania said: I start my clinicals this fall: No name in Berwyn, Pennsylvania said: I am a Cna No name in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. Especially about the "traditional" nursing job market being horrible.

That's exactly why nurses need to think creatively My fatal mistake was that I did not get a job as a CNA during school and now I.

will be mandatory for any Nursing hopeful to complete and pass the CNA Program must have a min Mandating cna experience before rn hospital setting experience before anyone will hire you. Becoming a certified nursing Mandating cna experience before rn, better known as CNA, is a sensible first step to This gives you the chance to directly experience different aspects of the The training, requiring certification instead of a degree, is affordable and quick.

From only accepting nursing applicants with very high GPAs to requiring volunteer Completing a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate and working as a CNA.

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