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Wil je neuken

Sexy xxx video Wil je neuken.

Simon Woolcot Learning Dutch 4 Comments. The Shallow Man, in his never ending quest to teach expats all about life in the Netherlands, has been providing weekly posts about different aspects of the Dutch language.

2. Droogneuken

Again, remember that the purpose of this post is to inform, educate and entertain. You might want to adapt your Dutch dirty talk if you end up hitting the jackpot while there.

It refers to the ultimate form of safe sex. Both parties simulate sex but all sexual organs remain firmly locked away under denim. Droogneuken is not a separable work word as the elements droog and neuken need to remain stuck firmly but safely together, just like a Wil je neuken involved in the aforementioned activity.

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So for example, eetbar, drinkbaar, aaibaar etc. If you describe someone as neukbaar, then logically you are indicating that they are not only attractive but that you would like to have a sexual relationship with them but nothing more.

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