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American flag bikini huge boobs old woman

Sexy Video American flag bikini huge boobs old woman.
For some background info, I'm...

Its like having my boobs virtually stared at. For some background info, I'm 19 years old. I'm a pretty serious athlete, so most people comment that I look fit.

But I'm also genetically fleshy, which means that even at my fittest I still have boobs. I don't burn them off that easily. So when I'm not my fittest, my boobs are significantly larger. For the last 7 years in school yes since I was 13 I've felt extremely self-conscious and American flag bikini huge boobs old woman when people look at my boobs. Mostly guys, because they have a distant and creepy expression when they stare at a girl's boobs.

From complete strangers to guys in my sports team, it's not a nice feeling. I feel exposed, as if having boobs makes me somewhat vulnerable. Because I can only imagine why they're staring at my boobs and what could be going on in their minds.

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I definitely don't like being the subject of those thoughts. Most of my female friends are pretty much flat-chested. So most of the time when it comes to the topic of boobs, they turn to me and tell me how jealous they are and how I look so much hotter because I have good boobs.

I can tell they're right, because guys treat me so much nicer.

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You know, after checking out my boobs. The worst part is that those are guys I genuinely admire and like as friends. I know it's just their hormones, so I don't take it personally or hold it against them. Especially since a lot of them don't actually realise they're staring and look pretty embarrassed when they do.

Having said that, it's my way of coping - a man's hormones is definitely no excuse for staring. I've decided to make life easier for all of us. I wear a sports bra American flag bikini huge boobs old woman school every single day, regardless of training or non-training days. Because it prevents my boobs from bouncing so much. Oh boy do I hate the bounce especially when I walk down the stairs. You should watch the eyes that watch me. When a guy stares at a girl's boobs, it's not flattery and it's not a silent compliment.

It's one huge red flag, if you can't tell. It's a complete lack of control and thus a lack of respect. Well, you'll be able to tell from her attitude and demeanor. Please don't generalize all girls as such. If it's really so distracting, and you just admire it so much, go up to her and tell her. Be honest about it. You like a girl's face, tell her. You like her personality, tell her.

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You like her boobs, tell her. Of course you'll probably come off as creepy and maybe even a perv. But that's the truth behind you staring in the first place. At least you'll find out for sure if she appreciates you admiring her boobs or not.


As a rule of thumb, it's not cool, it's not sexy. It's really rudely uncomfortable.

But from time to time getting all the attention from my curves can be bad, so when I went on a field trip to calypso I forgot my bikini top so I had to wear a pink sports bra that showed a lot of boob.

When I met up with all my guy friends they all starred at my boobs. I did get harassed around 10 times but I slapped or told off every guy that did.

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Well, I work part-time as a stripper, and I know whe men and sometimes women go to those clubs to see what there is to see, it's not for the sake of seeing my personality shine through. So it's kind of expected in that environment, and indeed, it's also important for my bottom line at the end of the night.

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So it would be a bit sanctimonious to carry on about someone staring at my tits in that environment, when that's more or less a critical aspect of the job, which I went into knowing full well that was going to happen. Outside of that environment, I dress pretty conservatively, I tend to wear sports and compression bras to try to flatten out my chest American flag bikini huge boobs old woman, but I'm tiny, and it's not going to go unnoticed.

In those instances, it annoys me, especially when they're either staring creepily or staring at them while they're talking to me. In the case of people much taller than me, it can be kinda hard to tell sometimes In my personal opinion, this all depends on the location and the person staring.

If I'm at the club wearing sexy clothing and I see men or women staring, I'm totally fine with it.

I mean, I did wear something sexy for a purpose! If I'm running an errand down the street, a quick grocery shopping and I see someone staring intently at my boobs, I will feel really uneasy and uncomfortable. But easy remedy is to just move along, the person won't follow you, hopefully.

If it was a man and I don't find him attractive then no. It will be really uncomfortable. If it was a man I find attractive, and I'm single, I might flirt with him a bit.

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Yes, double standards, but I'm just saying the truth. It is what it is. Pretty sure the same goes for man. In all honesty though, I don't really mind the staring as long as you don't do it so intently or gawk at it.

I'm personally guilty of staring at someone for any reasons too. I remember this story true or not, but it has a deep meaning and a powerful message. A woman was sitting on the train and an old man first looked at her boobs then started playing with them. This other man kept getting uneasy every second.

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After some time older man got down at the next station. This old man is suffering from mental health issues.


It is none of my problem to interfere with his disorder. That is his problem, not mine. If someone is staring when they must not tell them to see a Psychoanalyst and get the cure for their mental disorder. Feel pity at them the way you feel when you see a sick patient. Depends on the person. Wheneevr someone stares at my breasts, it makes me feel very awkward and angry at the same time.

One must give space to others so that everyone can live peacefully in this world.

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It is no gainsay that a girl with big boobs draws too much attention from males, sometimes unnecessarily. However, a girl should feel comfortable in our natural looks because it's hers. Ladies who are flat-chested should not feel bad either. Well, with there being billions of women in the world, the way a woman may feel about this will run the gamut. Some will experience negative feelings, some will be indifferent, and some may be American flag bikini huge boobs old woman. The chances are good she will feel negatively about it.

Those feelings could be anything from embarrassment to anger. In general, people should be treated with respect. Yes, she has boobs. Yes, maybe they are nice boobs. If you walked up to her, would you say hello to her boobs? Women are not just objects for sexual desire.

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She would even tell me I was being creepy. This is my wife. A lot of women will feel the same way. Please remember that most women appreciate those that treat them with respect. I would think empowered.